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Fruit Growers News is a publication of
aximizing science and
minimizing guesswork
could be the winning
formula to control codling moth in
apples and pears.
Localized degree-day and trapcatch
information can help fruit
producers make more informed
decisions, reduce crop production
risk, and improve control of
codling moth and other pests.
While the 2020 and 2021
growing seasons were similarly
warm, the frequency of fruit
load rejections for Pennsylvania
producers differed starkly
between the two years.
" In 2020, Pennsylvania fruit
processors rejected almost as
many fruit loads as they did in
2005 and 2007, and those were
both considered disaster years.
Fortunately, in 2021, the numbers
of rejected loads were much
lower than in 2020, " says Greg
Krawczyk, Penn State University
tree fruit entomologist.
In southern Pennsylvania,
codling moth flights normally start
at the beginning of May with two
generations expected per season.
In comparison, Oriental fruit moth
flights often start three to four
weeks earlier.
" Adult codling moth are active
when the temperature is above
62, " says Krawczyk. " Codling
moth, when it is flying, responds
to the temperature. If it is cool,
they are not flying and may not
be observed in sex pheromone
traps. "
No matter the year, effective
codling moth control requires
correct timing and adequate
coverage with effective
insecticides before pests
enter fruit.
" After egg hatch, the larvae can
be inside the fruit in less than 24
hours, " says Krawczyk.
Seasonal management of
codling moth, as recommended
by Extension entomologists,
generally includes two to three
Data Key to
Codling Moth Control
insecticide applications each for
the first and second generations.
In Krawczyk's bioassay studies,
most products within three
classes of chemistry effectively
controlled codling moth when
sprayed at optimum timings. He
recommended rotating modes
of action, including IRAC Group
5 (Delegate®
WG insecticide),
Group 24 (diamides) and Group
32 (granuloviruses).
Delegate provides a unique
mode of action in insecticide
rotations because the active
ingredient, spinetoram, is
the only Group 5 insecticide.
Delivering fast knockdown
and long-lasting codling moth
control, Delegate also controls
a broad spectrum of key pests,
including Colorado potato
beetle, armyworms, leafrollers,
thrips, leafminers and more.
Preliminary laboratory bioassay
data on larvae collected during
the 2020 and 2021 seasons
showed consistent efficacy within
each mode of action, with some
Including mating disruption
with scheduled insecticide sprays
further improved the marketability
of apples in Krawczyk's studies.
" Every year since 2009, it
seems that mating disruption plus
insecticides help us keep fruit
clean, " he says.
Unfortunately, very heavy
pressure from internal fruit
worms during Krawczyk's 2021
on-farm studies, resulted in some
orchards still experiening more
than 10% fruit damage at harvest
despite the season-long use of
mating disruption along with
insecticide treatments.
Because anticipating moth
flights is key to codling
moth control, entomologists
recommend using degree days
and trap data to better time
insecticide treatments. Krawczyk
recommends the Network for
Environment and Weather
Applications, based at Cornell
University, for localized weather
and degree-day data. The site
offers data from more than 700
weather stations throughout the
Northeast and Mid-Atlantic
apple-growing regions.
Visit to
view weather-related IPM tools.
To learn more about the role
Delegate can play in your codling
moth control program, visit
™ ®
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