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Once these new selections
have gone through the
rigorous trialing process and
get a thumbs up from the
participating growers and
retailers, it is then certified
for SynRG's Handpicked for
You Program.
The Handpicked for You
designation is a trustmark
and " a certification that
consumers value, giving
them the reassurance they
want and need when making
their plant choices. "
Along with growing
exceptional-quality plants,
Overdevest Nurseries has
always focused on growing
sustainably - even before it
became " the trend " for the
" It's been [our focus] from
the beginning, " when his
grandparents founded the
company, says Ryan. " And
my parents have always
embraced [sustainable
growing practices]. " So, it
is in his DNA to carry this
In the past, " Sustainability
wasn't a word that was used
in our industry. We just
wanted to [grow sustainably]
because it was the right thing
to do, " Ed says. " As time has
gone on, it has received a lot
more attention, and is now
part of our marketing because
of consumer interest. "
In 2012, Overdevest
achieved Veriflora
certification that recognizes
its commitment to the
environment, its employees
and the community.
" Veriflora certification
was an initiative my mother
recommended that we
undertake to put a stamp
on some of our efforts that
we [have always been]
doing with our IGCs in
mind to give them a way
of communicating that
8 APRIL 2022
The company's consumer-facing website ( helps educate
gardeners about the plants they grow and drive traffic to their IGC customers. They also have a
B2B website ( that is instrumental in conveying information to IGC
customer on which plants from spring master orders are " retail-ready " that week. The company is
in the process of upgrading their ERP software to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
And Overdevest Nurseries also has a creative presence on
Instagram ( with
content focused on plants being shipped and " behind the
scenes " footage.
Overdevest Nurseries has always embraced the marketing side of their business. They offer a
multitude of tools to reach both IGC customers and consumers, to keep them up to date on the
company and its products.
The company's YouTube
channel (
OverdevestNurseries) has
over 17,000 subscribers and a
library of hundreds of varietyspecific
and " How To " videos
that have been viewed nearly
3 million times. The videos are
produced and hosted by David
Wilson, the company's director
of marketing. Notably, all views
and subscribers have been
achieved through " organic "
views - not through a paid
The YouTube channel started in 2012 as a business-to-business (B2B) tool for sharing
information with IGC buyers but evolved to more of a way to help gardeners succeed. According
to Ryan, the IGCs loved the videos so much they requested that Overdevest create additional
videos to help them educate their customers about plants and gardening practices.
" David is a one-man studio, " Ed says. " He's a plant expert and a great communicator as well.
He has a contagious passion for plants and helping others. "

Big Grower April 2022

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