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" One of the standards we use
is that we only ship plants that
we would buy ourselves - and
we're pretty particular. "
To produce to that level
requires dedication and
commitment from the
entire team. The company
doesn't have a quality control
department - at the end is
too late. " We encourage and
empower the whole team to
build-in the quality at every
step along the way, " Ryan says.
" We set the bar pretty high for
what we are trying to achieve
here. We believe in what we are
doing and challenge ourselves
to do the very best that we
can to meet our customers'
expectations, " Ed says.
" We try to be innovative
across the line, not only in
terms of production and in the
products we grow, but also in
terms of creative marketing
concepts and collaborating
with other growers to
accomplish more for customers
and consumers than we could
achieve on our own. "
Overdevest Nurseries was
an early adopter of branding
its plants. About 25 years ago
" we began to look hard at
what we might do to better
promote the particular plants
we were growing. That led to
the formation of the Garden
Splendor program, " Ed says.
So, in 2002, they partnered
with their IGC customers, and
the Garden Splendor brand
was born. Today, the collection
is made up of more than 500
varieties of ornamental trees,
shrubs, perennials and grasses
that represent the " best of the
tried and true and the most
promising of the exciting
and new. "
" From its inception, it
was geared as a complete
program. One of the unique
elements of [the program] is
that we approached it as a
co-branding concept with our
IGC customer, " Ed says. " We
recognized the value of our
customers and their brand and
name, so we used their name
at every turn in the marketing
of Garden Splendor - so it also
became their brand. "
The program has evolved
over the years and now works
in parallel with the Handpicked
for You program, which is a
major component of SynRG -
a group of five growers who
work with plant breeders from
around the world and IGCs in
the U.S. and Canada to test and
evaluate new plants.
Along with Overdevest
Nurseries, the other four
founding members of SynRG
are Prides Corner Farms
of Lebanon, Connecticut;
Saunders Brothers of Piney
River, Virginia; Sheridan
Nurseries of Toronto, Ontario;
and Willoway Nurseries of
Avon, Ohio.
This group of growers
was borne out of the EAGL
(Executive Academy for
Growth & Leadership) program
created by Charlie Hall at
Texas A&M University and
Kellee O'Reilly at MonkeyBar
Management. Ed Overdevest,
Mark Sellew, and Tom
Demaline were among the
inaugural " students " in the
executive mini-MBA program
that is tailored to the green
industry. Ed says he and his
fellow EAGL alums " realized
we shared similar business
philosophies and that we
could accomplish a lot more
by working together than
" SynRG is a group of
competing growers that
are very similar in terms
of diversity of product and
marketing orientation ... By
working together, we have
greater access and earlier access
to new varieties, which gives
us more time to better evaluate
them for our own purposes,
our customers' purposes and,
ultimately, the consumer. "
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Handpicked for You is a trustmark developed by SynRG - a group
of growers that Overdevest Nurseries works with. It is designed
to help home gardeners find perennials, shrubs and trees that
are certified to thrive and are independently verified wto be
consistent top performers in their region.
Overdevest Nurseries grows more than 2,000 different varieties
of shrubs, trees, vines, perennials and ornamental grasses for
independent garden centers.

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