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FOR 2019
Learn about the megatrends and other influences that are shaping today's consumers.
Pantone has selected Living Coral as its Color of the Year for 2019.
o better understand consumer thinking,
the Produce Marketing Association (PMA)
recently turned to market researcher
Euromonitor International for insights on
megatrends. There's a new " me " mindset that's
taken over - one dominated by well-being, a
new take on value, and a desire to have a lower
impact on the environment.
It's our collective job to parlay these trends
and insights from researchers, thought leaders
and influencers to capitalize on consumer
behaviors and maximize plant and floral sales.
According to Euromonitor, consumers will
spend more on what matters to them, while
cutting back on what doesn't. In today's world
of premiumization, consumers are investing in
themselves, and their homes, to feel healthier,
content and more relaxed.
The good news for the industry? An easy
way to indulge is gifting yourself, a friend or
family member with plants and flowers. Cut
flowers and ornamentals, including potted
green, flowering, vegetable, herb and fruit
plants, can complete home, garden and
special-occasion décor.
The industry has blossomed. Major
contributing factors? Social media
and millennials.
By 2020, millennials will make up 34 percent
of the global population. Many are social media
influencers in areas like fashion, home décor,
and lifestyle who feature plants and flowers in
their feeds. Known as plant parents, they share
advice on how to style and photograph plants.
In a recent article in the UK-based
Independent, writer Penelope Green described
millennials' " obsession with houseplants as
growing faster and more tenaciously than
English ivy ... Plant influencers, the horticultural
stars of [Instagram], " she writes, " have book
deals, sponsors and hundreds of thousands
of followers. "
Photos of houseplants are the new food on
Instagram, she says. This creates a visual story
that entices lifestyle envy. Indeed, plants are
extra, like guacamole.
In her State of the Industry address at the 2018
Fresh Summit, PMA CEO Cathy Burns made
note of this trend. " Our own research into the
floral consumer found that millennials are a key
target for plants and floral because they engage
more with experiential products and live in the
moment - especially on social media platforms
like Snapchat and Instagram. Their concerns for
the environment and planet will also play a role
in continued floral growth. "
Digital and consumer media even publish
" plantspiration " shopping guides and lists of
best plants for college students and dorms.
Members of Generation Z who subscribe to the
premiumization megatrend use their purchasing
power, and their décor dollars, to buy plants.
But this trend isn't limited to the younger
generations. Joanna Gaines, the famed HGTV
designer, home décor and lifestyle influencer is
also a plant lady.
On her Magnolia blog Gaines says, " What's
my absolute favorite part of finishing up a Fixer
Upper project? That's easy - adding plants. ...
To me, plants bring a space to life, and that is
one of the best parts of personalizing a home for
my clients. "
Heading into 2019, consider making
premiumization part of your strategy. The feeling
of being on trend, exclusivity, and being worthy
of a little affordable indulgence are powerful
consumer motivators.
Consumers are more inward focused,
demonstrating a holistic approach to wellness
that encompasses spiritual, mental and physical
well-being. This provides the industry with
opportunities to differentiate brands by weaving
health into marketing.
According to researchers at Texas A&M, people
who keep flowers and/or plants in their home
feel happier, less stressed and more relaxed.

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