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Dianthus, azalea and hydrangea are three main crop categories for Aris Horticulture.
infrastructure is an important advantage for the
business, as they are able to reach key population
centers in the Northeast and Midwest.
Schaefer adds, " The synergies between
Keepsake Plants Canada and Florida in many
crops provides important advantages in quality,
service, distribution and competitive pricing. "
In the 1990s, the perennial market started
to grow significantly. The company purchased
Green Leaf Enterprises, adding a new location
(Lancaster, Pennsylvania) and perennial starter
plants to the mix. The division name was later
changed to Green Leaf Plants. According to
Schaefer, " Bill Rasbach, former CEO, was at the
forefront in development of Aris' perennial
business model with a focus on clean stock,
product line breadth, breeder support and
selling across all channels. Strong support
and execution from the Green Leaf Plants
team led to a wide array of liner products.
Implementation of lean manufacturing with
its emphasis on quality, elimination of waste
and employee engagement helped solidify its
leading position, something everyone at the
site should be proud of. "
" From then on, the perennial line just kept
growing for us, " said Schaefer. The company
currently carries more than 1,200 different
perennial varieties.
" Green Leaf Plants grows and ships
nationwide a comprehensive offering of
perennial young plants to both small and
large big box producers, " says Blair Hoey,
managing director of Green Leaf Plants.
" With over 200 dianthus varieties under
license from leading breeders around the
world, we are the largest supplier of dianthus
cuttings, both rooted and unrooted, in North
America, " says Hoey. Other varieties offered
include herbs, hosta, ornamental grasses,
exacum and lisianthus.
Other varieties offered include herbs, hosta,
ornamental grasses, exacum and lisianthus.
Schaefer emphasizes that the company took
its plant health process and applied the clean
stock protocols to perennials, which no one
else was doing at the time. " We were the first
in the industry, " he says. " We have a TC-based
clean stock program and source clean material
Creating an environment for success
Our structures are built strong and built to last.
We believe in a quality product at an
affordable price. Your houses are your biggest
investment. When you choose to grow under
an Atlas roof, you are planning for a successful
growing season years down the road. We are
here for you every step of the way.
Make it an Atlas Greenhouse.
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