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Have Perennials brand is the
industry trade brand, but we
wanted something that was
more consumer friendly for the
marketing at retail and consumer
levels, " explains Wisniewski.
" That's how we came up with
Rozanne & Friends, based off the
popularity of geranium 'Rozanne'. "
Through both brands, they work
with breeders around the world
to bring new products to market.
" We have 44 licensees that produce
the varieties in our offering, " says
Wisniewski. " Point-of-purchase
materials are available, including
garden designs, bench cards and
signage, for retailers to promote
the product. There's also a pretty
strong social media program with
Facebook and Instagram along with
e-newsletters. "
It's no surprise that consolidation
within the horticulture industry
has led to many changes. For Yoder
Brothers, it led to a major refocus
of its product lines and a pretty
drastic name change.
" Consolidation has been a
powerful driving force for more
than two decades at all levels of the
industry, " says Schaefer. " You could
write a book on the massive impact
of big box retail on consolidation
and restructuring of the supply
chains, alignment of producers,
breeders, brokers and economics. "
One prime example is the
sale of the Yoder mum business
to Syngenta in 2008. " Syngenta
approached us to see if we would
be interested in selling the mums,
and we were because of changing
market conditions, " explains
Schaefer. " Because we built up the
Yoder brand of mums to such a level
that it was so widely recognized,
they wanted the name, too. As a
result, we needed to come up with
another name for the company.
That's when Aris Horticulture, Inc.
was decided on. "
Aris Horticulture was not hindered
by this change and rather viewed
it as an opportunity. According
to Schaefer, the sale of the mum
business to Syngenta in 2008 as
well as the sale of the company's
Colombian perennial unrooted
farm to Ball in 2014 " allowed Aris to
refocus resources and build stronger
positions in faster growing market
segments, including Green Leaf
Plants perennial liners, Tradewinds
hibiscus and hydrangeas while at
the same time building business in
niche finished-product segments. "
Today, Aris is a diversified,
vertically integrated producer
and marketer of horticulture
products focused on delivering
industry-leading quality and
service at competitive prices.
Aris sales support and marketing
teams work in coordination
with the production divisions to
successfully manage programs
with key distributors and accounts.
Schaefer adds, " Aris' success
starts and ends with its talented,
dedicated employees (past and
present), now 650 strong, who make
it happen every day, and also our
ai15760917607_GV GPN 1-2020.pdf 1 12/11/2019 2:16:44 PM
customers. We work hard to fulfill
our mission and keep their trust.
With continued support of the Yoder
family, we are looking forward
to the next 100 years. We might
even have enough time to realize
our vision - to have Tradewinds
products in every home. "
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