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He adds that system provides a high degree of
reliability and quality. " When something goes out the
door, we always know it is the right item for the right
order. It is virtually failsafe. "
Knox Horticulture produces a wide
range of finished products for
landscapers and theme parks in Florida.
Like many other growers across the country, Knox
Horticulture has the same challenges finding new
labor every season. Being in Central Florida, the
company has even more competition when it comes
to finding new labor. The construction and hospitality
industries are very robust in the region and that can
create a challenge when it comes to hiring.
One way Knox Horticulture competes for new
employees is by creating a family atmosphere. " We
try to run this business like it is a family. We value
everyone as a family member, " Knox says.
Mullen says there is a core group of " family
members " that have been with the company for 10,
15, even 20 years. In fact, Mullen has been with the
company for almost 35 years and Knox, who grew
up in the family business, also has been an " official "
employee for nearly 35 years.
" I tell people when I interview them, 'You are not
joining a company. You are joining a family!' "
Mullen states.
By nurturing that family atmosphere, it creates a real
team and helps build loyalty that is not only evident
in their work lives but transcends into their personal
lives too.
" These employees have done some amazing things
for their coworkers, " Mullen says.
He lists a number of times that the employees have
pulled together to raise money or lend a helping hand
to fellow employees who were dealing with hardships
in their personal lives. And then the company always
matches the funds that the employees raise to make an
even bigger impact.
Knox says it is " incredibly gratifying " when employees
do those kinds of things for their coworkers. " It really
makes a difference. "
Mullen adds that employees know they can rely on
the other team members and the company " And that
really means something nowadays. "
It's obvious as you talk to both Knox and Mullen
that they are very passionate about what they do. The
seasoned veterans enjoy coming to work every single
day because no two days are alike.
" Every day provides you with something new ...
some new challenge, " Mullen states. " I really enjoy
meeting the challenge of what the next day brings. "
" We've all got a job to do. We've got to keep everything
going, " Knox says. " But there is so much satisfaction
working in this business. It's all very rewarding! "
On the cover: Front row left to right: Bruce Knox, president;
Greg Grothe, head grower-young plants; Eric Claiborne, senior
software developer; Daisy Ramos, production, coordinator for
vegetative program. Back row: Chris Seefeldt, special projects
manager; Stephen Weichsel, customer service manager-young
plants; Mary Zubrod-Pinkham, production manager; and
Steve Mullen, general manager.
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Big Grower March 2019

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