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irritability can be abated if you
provide answers for families.
Here's just a few ideas of what you
can do to make a difference:
1. Watch Seed Your Future's
new plant-based family DIY
videos and download the
directions and supply lists.
Sell the supplies as a package
and encourage families to do
these activities together. These
include: Grow Your Own Plants
with Hydroponics (
SYF_DIY_Hydroponics), Make
Your Own Fun Light Maze
for Plants (
PlantMaze), and Use Plants to
Dye Your Own Clothes (bit.
2. Check out one of our partner's
resources for gardening with
kids. has
many projects and activities.
Pick a few and share them
with your customers. Sell them
the materials they will need in
an easy-to-buy package deal.
3. Encourage families to get
involved in one of the cool
plant-based citizen scientist
projects they can do in and
around their homes and
communities. The Chicago
Botanic Garden's national
BudBurst project is one of our
favorites (
4. Partner with local garden
clubs. Most clubs are very
interested in reaching children
and families and introducing
them to gardening. They
likely have volunteers who
would love to work with you
on projects. Find garden clubs
near you that are affiliated
with either the Garden Club of
America (
or the National Garden Clubs
( Be safe
of course! And, by the way -
help change the vernacular. It's
about physical distancing, not
social isolation.
But what of the long-term issue
that the industry is facing? That is,
who will take the reins and have the
expertise to provide the technology,
science, art and business acumen
necessary to fill the open positions
in the green-collar industry? Who
will replace you when you retire?
The answer again is you -
and me, the entire horticulture
industry, and everyone who
already works with plants. It is
about collaboration, and the Seed
Your Future movement can help.
" Planted " in 2014, Seed Your Future
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was formed by a partnership of
horticulture companies, gardening
organizations, schools, colleges
and universities, public gardens
and youth organizations who are
united by the mission to promote
horticulture and inspire more
people to pursue careers working
with plants.
ai159249250611_GV GPN July 2020.pdf 1 6/18/2020 11:01:52 AM
If kids don't notice the plants
in the world around them, how
can they develop a life-long
appreciation for plants, and why
would they ever have an interest
in a career working with plants?
We must show them how plants
impact our lives every day, and
the diversity of careers across
the art, science, technology and
business of plants. But we cannot
serve that up to kids " the old way. "
Through Seed Your Future's
focus group research with kids
across the country - kids gave
us some sage advice: stop using
" weird " words like " horticulture, "
show them through video and
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