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By Dr. Emma Lookabaugh, BASF Technical Service Representative
The Power of Intrinsic
Not All Strobilurins Are Created Equal
Plant health effects associated
has been an industry pioneer with our
brand fungicides: Pageant®
Intrinsic brand fungicide, Empress®
brand fungicide and Orkestra®
brand fungicide. These products, powered
by the active ingredient pyraclostrobin,
offer superior plant protection through a
combination of broad-spectrum disease
control and plant health benefits in the form
of increased growth efficiency and increased
tolerance to stress.
Skips due to outbreak of
aerial Phytophthora, diseased
plants were discarded.
with pyraclostrobin were first observed on
agronomic grain crops. Growers reported
seeing increased yields and increased
drought tolerance in plants that had been
treated with certain fungicides. Extensive
laboratory studies in Germany and the
United States proved that these plant
health benefits, in the form of increased
growth efficiency during environmental
stresses, were tied to pyraclostrobin.
In ornamentals, plant health benefits
can be seen in the form of disease control,
superior rooting, increased plant quality
and increased tolerance to cold, heat and
drought stress.
So, when you are considering a
strobilurin fungicide for your program,
choose one powered by Intrinsic brand
fungicide. With over a decade of research
behind us, the power of plant health is
proven with science.
Block treated with Pageant Intrinsic
Block treated with Mural
After mowing, Dipladenias treated with Pageant Intrinsic brand fungicide (left) exhibited strong growth uniformity
and overall plant vigor. An outbreak of aerial Phytophthora occurred in the neighboring block of plants treated with
Mural fungicide (right) and a section of diseased plants were discarded.
Empress Intrinsic
brand fungicide treated
plants have superior
root systems compared
to Heritage and the
untreated control
(UTC) @ 18 days after
transplant. Superior
rooting allows for quicker
finishing opportunities
because once the plants
are fully rooted they can
efficiently put resources
into growth and flower
Always read and follow label directions.
Empress, Intrinsic, Orkestra and Pageant are registered trademarks of BASF.
Heritage and Mural are registered trademarks of Syngenta.
© 2021 BASF Corporation. All rights reserved.

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