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Todd Johnson believes customer success begins with genetics, and acquiring superior genetics is a top
priority for his team.
at the same price as the status quo, because it is
going to create a shortfall as far as profitability
to where we don't have any money to keep up
our infrastructure. "
Justin Woods, vice president of operations,
agrees and says his main objective going forward
is to grow the business sustainably. " We need to
be able to do regular maintenance, the regular
things that need to be done every year, " he says.
" All these increased expenses prevent us from
re-covering houses, buying new trailers, getting
more racks - all the random stuff that you
really don't think about. "
Many growers have been reluctant to increase
their prices, especially because those increases
will then trickle down at retail, and consumers
will see a difference on the price tag. Will they
pay an extra dollar or two for a plant? That is the
question that has become impossible to answer.
Justin says, " Consumers are extremely price
conscious; however I think there is enough
wiggle room throughout our product line to
increase costs and retails. Consumers are seeing
everyday items increase; why would they expect
it to be different for flowers at retail? "
He says the pandemic forced many new
garden center consumers to take that leap of
faith and buy plants not necessarily caring if
they failed. " I totally believe that many people
found that gardening and sprucing up their
yards is very gratifying. Sales were stronger in
'21 than in '20. I don't see this trend slowing
down with the housing market booming. "
By now, we all know that the plant and
gardening industry exploded last season as we
gained millions of new gardeners. And going
forward, the question continues to be, " How do
we keep them? " At retail, there is a multitude
of ways that plant sellers can get creative with
marketing, promotions and merchandising.
At the grower level, though, there's only
so much you can do. The one thing in your
control is product quality. If a consumer
finds success and has good luck with a
specific product, they will return. At least,
that's the goal.
" Part of being successful is using the right
genetics and making sure [the consumer] has

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