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The Plant Farm
Spokane Valley, Washington
Year founded:
The Plant Farm was founded in 1969, starting with tomato
plants and growing into what it is today: a family-run business
with three generations of the Creach family working together.
What is your garden center known for?
We are known for selling quality plants grown right here
on-site and throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our parent
company, Creach Greenhouse, grows at least 90% of what
we sell at The Plant Farm. Twice a year, in November and
April, we offer tours of our greenhouses to the community.
Our exclusive hanging baskets - petunia and
fuchsia - are known throughout the area. In November
and December, we sell poinsettias, grown on-site. We also
paint some of our poinsettias and add glitter to them. It is
something unique and fun that we offer compared to other
stores in the area selling poinsettias.
What technology has made a difference in your
garden center?
In the past year, we have implemented a cutting-edge
form flex motorized basket system that guarantees
uniform watering of each basket. Prior to our basket
system, we, like many garden centers, used drip watering
or hand watering for our hanging baskets, while we
used these basket systems in our growing operation. A
few years ago, we decided it was cost effective and time
efficient to install the basket watering system in our retail
greenhouses. Not only is it efficient, but it is also enjoyable
and a talking point for our customers to see and watch the
baskets twirl around the top of the greenhouses.
" At our store, we have two
exceptional plant exhibits that
serve as sources of inspiration and
customer engagement. "
How does your subscription box program appeal
to online customers?
Every other month, we send out subscription boxes. Our
shipping manager selects the theme and the plants for each
box, and they are carefully grown in our greenhouse.
Each box contains a 2- or 4-inch mystery plant or a Hoya
and, depending upon the subscription, the box contains a
specialty sticker designed in-house, a care card tailored to
each plant and, again, depending upon the subscription,
there may be a puzzle, book or another unique plantthemed
accessory piece that complements that month's
subscription box theme.
The goal is to keep our boxes cost effective while still
providing our customers with a diverse assortment of
plants throughout the year. Many people like to give our
subscription boxes as gifts.
Why is your store so successful with
Our merchandising strategies are specific to the product.
At our store, we have two exceptional plant exhibits that
serve as sources of inspiration and customer engagement.
During the winter, we showcase a stunning Cissus discolor
that grows up to our ceiling. Recently, we introduced a
Hoya trellis, housing 14 Hoya plants from three diverse
varieties - Hoya 'Crassipetiolata Little Splash', Hoya
'Claudata Sumatra', and Hoya 'Fungii Seed'.
We also mix our houseplants in with our merchandising
displays, so that our garden center and merchandising blend
seamlessly together.
Photo courtesy of The Plant Farm.
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