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* 'Mini Mint' - A Corsican mint that fills in very fast as a
fragrant lawn replacement. Its leaves are non-toxic, but
do not have a palatable flavor. Best for fragrant walkways
but not eating.
* 'Kirigami' Ornamental Oregano - This is a non-culinary
oregano that is heat- and drought-tolerant. It has a nice,
springy texture to its foliage. The soft purpling softens a
monochromatic green herb garden, or spills out of mixed
containers or hanging baskets.
* Ornamental Peppers - The list is almost endless for
ornamental peppers. Some eye-catching ones include
'Chilly Chili', which has F1 vigor and is child-safe and
non-pungent. Its fruit matures yellow-green to orange
to dark red fruit color all the way through fall. 'Hot Pops
Purple' pumps up the Autumn landscape in multiple
colors and small, round fruit. 'Calico' has strongly
variegated foliage of purple, cream and green and is
extremely heat tolerant; its dark-red fruit is hot! 'Purple
Flash' has striking leaf coloration and interesting plant
architecture. It thrives through tough conditions and
the glossy black fruit creates garden interest. 'Black
Pearl' is a staple with black-tinted leaves for added
drama in the landscape. Fruit ripens from glossy black
to dark red and is hot!
New Breeding Goals
Aiding the excitement for edible plants in landscape
applications is the ongoing breeding efforts of plant
developers. If plants can't be easy to grow or maintain, the
new gardener will find other ways to spend their dollars.
" Plant breeding and development has evolved over the
last several years to focus on the needs of the landscape
market, " says Jeff Gibson, landscape business manager for
Ball Horticultural. " A major emphasis on the importance of
trialing new varieties helps determine their durability and
longevity in today's landscape designs. "
One company capitalizing on foundational edible
landscape design is Star Roses and Plants. Their Bushel and
Berry collection is completely changing the way gardeners
think about berry plants. The new varieties are beautiful
and full of texture, plus they produce delicious, edible fruit.
They're also compact, so this meets the needs of small-space
gardeners, too.
New 'BerryBux' looks like a boxwood, but has the bonus
of edible blueberries. It has boxwood-like foliage and a
manageable habit making it perfect for planting as a hedge or
in mass in the garden. The plants produce white flowers that
ripen into a dramatic display of wild and aromatic tasting
berries. An additional plus? The plants require very little
pruning for easy maintenance and are hardy in Zones 5-8.
Harnessing the excitement of 20 million new gardeners
means re-thinking the way we position vegetables, herbs
and edible ornamentals. Help your shoppers see that rulebreaking
is allowed - and encouraged - with these choices
from the experts.
Katie Rotella is the senior public relations and digital manager
for Ball Horticultural Co. in West Chicago, Illinois. She loves
turning trends into garden solutions. Get more store resources
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Consider This Before
Using Edibles in a
Front-Yard Landscape
Here are some considerations if your
customers plan to incorporate edibles in a
front-yard landscape design.
* Are there any bylaws or HOA rules that
could hinder any plans? Edibles may not
be allowed.
* Be aware of underground utility lines
if the homeowner intends to dig out
new beds. Many municipalities have a
call-before-you-dig service that will flag
pipeline placements.
* Will your new garden affect grading or
sloping angles? Be mindful of runoffs for
rainwater and irrigation.
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