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he family-owned and operated Setton Farms
has a passion for growing pistachios and
making them available to consumers around
the world.
The genesis of the company dates to 1959, when
brothers Joshua and Morris Setton hoped they could
win over the taste buds of Brooklyn's residents with
delicious sponge cake and jelly doughnuts. Years
later, that dream became a passion for sharing
gourmet food and specialty
items people wanted but
couldn't find in their local
grocery store.
In 1967, the brothers opened
their first gourmet food store
on Kings Highway in Brooklyn,
and would go on to open nine
stores. During that time, the
Setton brothers began selling
packaged nuts and dried fruits
to major retailers in the New
York metropolitan area. In
1981, they expanded operations
by entering the wholesale
business, selling nuts, dried
fruits, seeds, trail mixes and
other specialty items.
and has created pistachio products ranging from
in-shell to kernels, packaged to bulk, conventional
to organic and branded to private label. Its offerings
include seasoned kernels, chocolate-covered
pistachios and pistachio blend mixes.
" Our commitment to delivering top-quality products
that will grow long-term demand for pistachios is
the key to maintaining strong relationships with our
customers, " Setton said.
" We recycle and reuse 130 million gallons of water
annually, which not only puts water back onto the
orchards, but also puts essential minerals back onto
the trees. We also capture essential rainwater, which
is then put back onto pistachios trees using drip
irrigation, efficiently producing an abundant crop. "
Joshua Setton, Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella and Setton Farms
By 1986, the Setton brothers turned their focus
westward to pistachios, a relatively young industry
in America but one that they believed had great
potential. Since then, the Setton family's mission has
been to provide quality pistachios to its customers
around the world.
" From the beginning, our family has taken a handson
approach to growing and processing pistachios in
California's San Joaquin Valley, where the climate
and soil are perfect for growing the world's besttasting
pistachios, " said Joshua Setton, CEO and
president of Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella and
Setton Farms. " As a vertically integrated company,
we focus on every step of the process, from growing
and harvesting to processing, manufacturing,
packaging, and, ultimately, marketing our premium
California pistachios worldwide. "
Today, Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella is the
country's second-largest pistachio grower and
processor. The 2023 crop was a record breaker and it
processed more than 200 million pounds of pistachios.
" We will ship the entirety of this product
throughout the pistachio fiscal year, which runs
from Sept. 1, through the end of August, " Setton said.
" Pistachio lovers live all over the world, and we are
dedicated to offering them the best-tasting pistachios
grown in California's Central Valley. "
The company works with small and large retailers
Proponents of regenerative ag
Setton Farms' grower services professionals assist
in crop production and management practices that
help maximize quality and crop size.
" Our growers benefit significantly from our vast
resources, expertise and over 100 years of collective
farming experience, " Setton said. The company
advocates regenerative agriculture, a holistic
approach to farming that prioritizes soil health and
biodiversity to promote sustainable and resilient
ecosystems. Regenerative involves implementing
practices that minimize negative impacts on the
environment and actively improve it, he said.
This philosophy of thoughtful and sustainable
expansion drives all of the company's efforts.
" We are here to feed the world with nutrientdense
pistachios and make it a better place for
all, " Setton said. " We utilize innovative methods to
maximize opportunities during the growing, harvest,
and processing time to employ sustainable and
forward-thinking business practices. These efforts
create a sustainability loop, ensuring that 100% of all
discarded products from the process are converted
back into valuable inputs, even enriching the soil. "
In addition, healthy soils are the foundation for
healthy orchards and the company's commitment to
regenerative agriculture has been vital to improving
pistachio quality for all pistachio growers, he said.

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