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Setton Farms
Year Founded: 1986
Setton Farm utilizes water-saving and recycling
technologies, implements efficient irrigation
methods and closely monitors its water usage.
West Coast headquarters + processing
facility: Terra Bella, California
Organic facility: Ducor, California
North American sales office:
Commack, New York
European sales office:
Zutphen, The Netherlands
Key management:
Joshua Setton, President/CEO
" By embracing regenerative agriculture, we are protecting
the environment and helping pistachio orchards to thrive
for generations, " Setton said. " We will continue this
massive undertaking with pride, always mindful of our
environmental footprint, as we work towards a cleaner and
greener future for all. "
Tech Talk
The company has more than 300,000 square feet
of packaging and production space with complete
manufacturing and processing capabilities.
" We utilize pistachio sizing machinery, pin-pickers
to separate naturally opened pistachios from closed
ones, dry roasters, sorting machinery, fully automated
packaging lines, flavoring production lines, salt brining
systems, dozens of metal detection systems and we have
vacuum-packaging capability as well as R&D development
services, " Setton said. " With state-of-the-art streamlined,
automated, safe pistachio production in our plant, we
can offer a wide range of pack sizes to meet the needs of
our diverse customer base including customized co-pack
arrangements, flexible intermediate bulk containers,
cartons, kraft bags, film packaging and other formats. "
This allows Setton to deliver its pistachios to
customers globally through national and international
distribution networks.
Technological advancements in the agriculture industry
have also allowed the company to reduce resources and
improve its pistachio orchards' overall performance and
efficiency. For example, remote sensing and satellite
imagery enable Setton to monitor overall crop health,
identify stress areas and detect pests and diseases.
" Additionally, precision agriculture technology
allows us to use real-time data to optimize our resource
inputs and retain precious carbon, " Setton said.
" Water, fertilizers and pesticides are then applied
on an as-needed basis based on the specific needs of
individual areas within our pistachio orchards. These
technological tools, among others, allow us to react
quickly and implement changes where necessary to
improve and maintain tree health with the intent to
optimize yields and protect the environment. "
2024 Challenges
Water is and will continue to be a limited resource
in California, and that is the biggest issue facing the
company as it heads to 2024. Setton utilizes watersaving
and recycling technologies, implements efficient
irrigation methods and closely monitors water usage.
" We know firsthand how important it is to preserve
our most precious natural resource - water, " Setton

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