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During the April 1, 2022-April 1, 2023 period, more
than 60% of surveyed beekeepers reported a loss of 48.2%,
according to the Bee Informed Partnership. The Bee
Informed Partnership is a nonprofit organization that
strives to improve honeybee colony health in the U.S.
BeeHero's Precision Pollination-as-a-Service (PPaaS)
utilizes IoT sensors embedded in beehives and crop
fields to monitor colony health and performance. The
approach aims to ensure reliable pollination, supporting
sustainable food production by enhancing crop yields
and promoting biodiversity.
Scalability and reach
Beekeepers using BeeHero's
technology report 33% fewer
colony losses compared to
the national average.
BeeHero's services are scalable and cater to commercial
beekeepers and growers of varying sizes. Managing
more than 200,000 commercial hives globally, BeeHero
is a global provider of precision pollination services,
collaborating with industry leaders in the U.S. and
Australia. The company's scalability ensures its efficiency
across diverse agricultural landscapes.
" By leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as
advanced data analytics, AI and cost-effective IoT sensors,
BeeHero is revolutionizing the way pollination is managed
and optimized in large-scale crop production to provide
a win-win-win situation for growers, beekeepers and the
planet, " Davidi said.
Davidi noted that the data the company has collected
from growers indicates success not only in terms of crops
but also for bee health. He said BeeHero processes and
analyzes approximately 10 million samples daily.
" [The Pollination Insights Platform] empowers growers
with crucial knowledge about the actual bee activity in the
field by understanding the rate at which bees visit crops,
gauging the efficacy of pollination and identifying potential
issues in the process. "
Omer Davidi, CEO and co-founder, BeeHero
Achieving results
BeeHero's model is unique - it provides bees on a
frame-per-acre basis. Traditional services have been
based upon a hives-per-acre model.
" BeeHero's analysis suggests a potential 30% increase in
crop yields and improved bee health, and beekeepers using
BeeHero's technology have reported 33% fewer colony losses
compared to the U.S. national average, equating to at least a
quarter of a billion bees saved in the past year, " Davidi said.

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