January/February 2024 - 8

" The importance of effective
pollination is crucial for almonds, "
Davidi emphasized. " Numerous
studies show a clear link between the
quality of pollination and yield quality
and quantity. Thus, the information
derived from our sensors, and the
actionable insights that are delivered
to the growers in real-time, can have
a direct impact on the quality of their
pollination efforts and the efficiency of
the pollination force in their orchards. "
BeeHero's " plug-and-play " IoT sensors
transform commercial bee hives into an
intelligence hub, and the sensors collect
data within the hive such as: acoustic
signature, temperature, humidity and
more. Davidi shared that information
gathered is transmitted to a gateway,
BeeHero was founded in 2017 by Itai Kanot,
Omer Davidi and Yuval Regev.
which is installed on every pallet containing a group of
hives, and the data is then sent to the cloud, where it is
analyzed. He also shared this process enables " actionable,
real-time insights " for growers and beekeepers, and enables
" timely treatment to reduce mortality rates. "
" The figures from last year's almond pollination season
show a clear advantage to growers working with BeeHero, "
Davidi said. " The average strength of BeeHero-managed
colonies in 2023 was 40% higher than the industry average
as reported by the USDA. In addition, colonies under
BeeHero's management that were tasked with pollinating
almonds in California grew by an average of 23%, despite
the unprecedented cold weather in the state. "
BeeHero also has the ability to order a specific number
of bees that growers will need to pollinate a particular
orchard based upon its acreage. Additionally, the
company can place the hives where they are needed the
most. Davidi noted that this precision " maximizes the
yield quantity and quality. "
Currently, BeeHero's primary market is almond
growers, but it works with various growers and even
agricultural producers, all with the goal of optimizing
pollination of a variety of crops.
Starting in 2024, it will offer pollination solutions for
apples, berries, avocados, sunflowers and other crops.
The introduction of BeeHero PIP (Pollination Insights
Platform) further extends its reach,
providing real-time data for seed, row and
specialty crops.
BeeHero's model allows growers to
achieve powerful pollination using the
same or even fewer hives.
BeeHero's offerings provide growers
with " lower operational costs to the
minimum necessary by reducing labor
costs - including manual inspections, and
efforts needed to replace dead colonies
and revive ailing hives, " Dividi said.
Integration and outlook
" BeeHero's ability to integrate with
existing systems enables farmers to access
insights in their preferred way. This allows
us to focus on leveraging this new layer of
data to support precision pollination efforts
and achieve better results, " Davidi said and
noted that the company hopes to increase
integration capabilities in the future.
Looking ahead, Davidi said that
BeeHero aims to expand geographically,

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