March/April 2022 - 32

What are some
changes you would
like to see the tree nut
industry make?
Bryan Gran: Further utilization of
precision equipment to help drive
chemical/fertilizer accuracies and
profitability. I see misapplications,
chemical waste errors and
accidents, and not utilizing people's
time to the fullest extent. It's better
to be able to check online to see if a
machine is running without having
to drive out to the field, or needing
3-4 guys on a mixing crew when
new technology requires only one.
Niki Tubaki: As a product
developer in precision irrigation, I
see two key areas: 1. continuing to
expand availability and reliability
of orchard data, especially at
the individual tree level, and 2.
ensuring data from various sources
is accessible easily and quickly.
We're supporting growers with
increasingly precise data about
orchard performance, and we need
to keep pushing those boundaries.
But at the same time, all of this
data becomes worthless if it's not
easy for growers to use. For that
reason, I'd like to see a strong focus
not only on validated, reliable data,
but also on improving workflows
and partnerships between the
providers of these different
sources of data.
National Nut Grower asked two precision-ag companies
how their products help support sustainability. Niki Tubaki
is product manager, Ceres Imaging. Bryan Gran is territory
manager, SureFire Ag Systems.
How does your product help with
BG: With water being as restricted and expensive as it is, and
fertilizer/chemical prices being higher than they've ever been,
our equipment helps growers apply properly at the right time the
first time. Our products will pay for themselves within a year in
today's world.
NT: We develop products with the explicit goal of helping farmers
do more with less. For many of our orchard customers, that
means having the right tools to help navigate water scarcity. Our
irrigation management products - from core water stress data
to new Water Demand Maps, which leverage Kc values specific to
customers' fields - are all built with that objective in mind.
How do growers benefit from tools
such as yours?
DE: Effective monitoring provides real and actionable data that can
be used to constantly adapt to changing conditions and optimize the
use of critical inputs - namely water, chemicals and labor. There is
no need to be intimidated by technology; the right system is there
to be a tool to empower you to be a better grower. When you look
for a technology partner, make sure you understand what they're
proposing, how it works, and how you will get the data and be able
to use the data. Monitoring and scheduling are the two keys to
getting the best yields.
NT: Especially for growers contending with water scarcity, it's
increasingly important to have a precision irrigation strategy and
the tools to implement it - tools whose accuracy you trust, and that
are practical to use in day-to-day decision-making. In challenging
conditions, that's what's going to make the difference in having a
successful season. Whether that means comparing performance
between different fields or varietals, tracking progress over time,
or quantifying the impact of a particular management strategy, we
have the tools to do that.

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