March/April 2022 - 4

A collective mission:
Sustainability, profitability
t was one year ago this March that
Great American Media Services added
National Nut Grower to its lineup of
specialty agriculture magazines. In that year,
we've seen quite a bit happen: California
standing almond acreage increased by over
100,000 acres, the U.S. exported 5 million
more pounds of pistachios than the year
prior, the West had little to no water, fertilizer
costs skyrocketed, the industry has seen
increased global competition, and the alarms started to sound
when the industry couldn't get its products to ports.
But we've also seen an increase in environmental awareness,
Crystal Nay
Managing Editor
alongside a collective mission of sustainability while still
remaining profitable.
It's not always by choice, either.
Trends, regulations and prices to growers help determine
farming decisions, and hidden opportunities to increase
profitability can unexpectedly arrive by force. For example,
some growers have tried nearly everything there is to try
in order to improve soil health, until landing on a practice
that still gets passively dismissed even though it continues to
prove its effectiveness - cover cropping. Prescriptive cover
cropping (Page 6) takes it a step further with custom seed
mixes ideal for specific goals, helping to rebalance an orchard
and decrease input costs. The inability for growers to get
their hands on some of their go-to products due to supply
chain issues or tripled costs (Page 12) may force their hand
into trying something new (a scary endeavor, indeed), but
with favorable results that change the way that field is farmed
moving forward. There is also increased value being uncovered
in orchard waste (Page 26), and one day might even end up as a
key ingredient in people's favorite snacks.
There are no hard and fast rules in farming, but whatever they
are, they are changing. Sustainability is paramount in shaping
this next era of farming, and National Nut Grower will continue
to share with readers the tools available for this journey.
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Creative Director Kristina Howell, 616-520-2168
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