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The U.S. agriculture industry has been
strained to new limits in recent years to
meet consumer demand and deliver an
abundant food supply, and that includes
the nation's nut growers. Due to significant
chemical shortages, delays in receiving
products, and pricing and surcharges, nut
growers will continue to face significant
supply chain challenges in the season ahead.
Disruptions to shipping worldwide have
made getting imports necessary for nut
production incredibly difficult, costly and
time consuming. Demand for many imports
has outpaced the ability to transport goods
from places like China and India, where
production is unpredictable. Raw material
supplies are low, expenses to procure those
supplies are high, and erratic manufacturing
and plant shutdowns challenge planning.
Once goods are in the U.S., congested ports
and a major shortage of truck drivers has
caused additional costs and delays.
These fragile issues require meticulous
attention to detail and industry expertise
to manage and overcome. New challenges
continue to surface daily, and most crop
protection companies are unable to keep
up, forcing nut growers and their retail
distributors to make short-term decisions.
So, what can nut growers do to minimize
the impact on their operations? It all starts
with having a good plan. These three steps
will help you create one that works for your
1. Pick the right partners. Chances are,
some of the products you rely on
may be unavailable or priced to the
point where they just don't pencil out.
Choosing the right purchase partners
for inputs will be paramount over the
coming months and years. Do your
homework on same-result alternatives
that can be used in case of shortages or
pricing fluctuations.
2. Plan for alternatives. Start planning
early, and when putting together
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agronomic plans, tier product choices
based on availability and pricing. That
way, if Plan A isn't workable, you have
already analyzed the pros and cons of
another option, which can save you
from missing any application windows.
3. Get answers. Look for sources you
can trust to ensure you're getting
honest, transparent updates about
the barriers to supply and pricing.
Having trustworthy information is key
to making informed, sound decisions
in the face of the barriers facing the
Ensure access to relevant products by
working with Atticus, LLC, a reliable ally
to retail distribution. Atticus is focused
on delivering relevant, branded-generic
products that meet agronomic and business
needs so growers get the most from their
input requirements. When unforeseen
shutdowns or delays occur, Atticus can
be agile and provide relevant product
alternatives. Atticus actively engages with
retailers to help their grower customers
secure the critical herbicides, insecticides
and fungicides they need to improve and
protect nut production.
Now is the time to meet with
your retailer or PCA to create your
2022 pest management battle
plan. Discuss the pest or disease
challenges you faced last season,
determine your treatment
threshold and identify the
active ingredients best
suited for your needs.
products from Atticus
deliver a value-based
solution to conquer
your toughest
opponents this
Treat orchards for navel orangeworm
at hull split (late April to mid-May)
with methoxyfenozide, the leading
recommendation from the University of
California Statewide IPM Program.1
Atticus delivers this unique mode of action
in Inspirato 2 F, an insect growth regulator.
Prevent a secondary outbreak of mites
by following up with active ingredient
bifenazate, found in Enervate 4 SC
Get ahead of key diseases, such as
Alternaria, rust, scab and shot hole, with a
spring application of Vango ESQ fungicide,
powered by active ingredients cyprodinil
and difenoconazole, or Acadia ESQ, with
azoxystrobin and difenoconazole.
Get battle-ready for the season ahead and
plan your moves with a reliable ally. Atticus
will continue to put its experience to work so
nut growers can focus on production and help
meet the demands of the food supply now and
in the future. Learn more at

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