March/April 2023 - 4

Inspiring Efforts
elcome to the March/
April issue of National
Nut Grower! I'm very
excited about this issue for a
few reasons. First, this issue has
content that is informative and
amazing. The feature on a fifthgeneration
pecan farmer embracing
regenerative practices, page 6, is
inspiring, and the articles on the
growing problem of leaffooted plant
bugs, page 16, and Idaho's efforts on
nut production, page 22, are insightful.
The next reason I am excited is that it is my first issue
Debbie Eisele
Editorial Director
Editorial Director Debbie Eisele, 616-520-2160
Associate Publisher Andrea Schafer, 616-520-2139
Account Specialist Kim Meyers, 616-520-2137
Graphic Designer Alexa Armstrong, 616-520-2174
Associate Amanda Mackey, 616-520-2157
Creative Director
as editorial director for the Specialty Ag Group, which
includes this publication. I may be new to this team, but
I am not new to the company. I have been with Great
American Media Services since 2019 and was previously
the managing editor in our retail division. With this
new opportunity, I will once again be able to work on
something I'm passionate about: growing!
When my children were little and free time was in excess,
I was a master gardener and became a state-certified
horticulturist. As the children grew, and I went back to
work full time, my free time was limited and I was unable to
continue all my volunteer efforts or keep up with CEUs. One
day, I'll renew all my certifications, but in the meantime,
I'm pleased to use my editing role to keep up-to-date on the
latest trends in growing nuts - and fruits and vegetables for
National Nut Grower's companion publications.
I welcome your feedback and encourage you to reach
out to me if you have content suggestions. We want to
serve you with the content that helps you the most. Feel
free to email me at
Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes,
Creative Director Allison McKenzie, 616-520-2142
Audience Development Becky Stovall, 616-520-2138
CEO Matt McCallum
COO & CMO Kim Baker
CFO & Billing Deb Carnes, 616-520-2169
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Volume 3, Issue 2

March/April 2023

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