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Growers who neglect to spray and water as necessary or
don't do everything they can to successfully make a crop
could find themselves kicked by Mother Nature, Leger said.
Because higher yields are needed in today's farm
economy, Leger & Son grows pecans on more high density
trees. To make trees more vigorous, the company is cutting
the canopy and doing more pruning.
An increasing number of tropical storms and hurricanes,
and their expanding reach inland, are affecting more
Georgia growers. In 2023, hurricanes Michael and Irma
devastated Georgia groves and fields, with 90 mph winds
in Cordele, Leger said.
Maintaining lower tree canopies with hedging helps
resist storm damage and increases tonnage, Leger said.
A more common practice in the western U.S. pecan
growing regions, more southeastern growers began
adopting hedging in the mid-2010s, according to the
University of Georgia Cooperative Extension. By
controlling tree size, hedging allows spray machines to
better reach treetops for improved coverage, which affords
easier scab control. It also opens trees to more sunlight in
the orchard and maintains a high tree density.
While costly in labor, hedging is a no-brainer if it allows
a grove to survive wind damage, Leger said. After a recent
hurricane leveled a block of 10-year old pecan trees,
another block of the same age that had been hedged had
up to two-thirds less damage, he said.
" If you haven't cleaned up from a hurricane, you can't
prune fast enough, " Leger said.
Leger & Son grows and ships pecans from Georgia.
Cole, Buddy and Greg Leger (above). Will Hinson, Pam
Morris, Bailey, Buddy, Greg and Cole Leger, and Jordan
Carter (below).

March/April 2024

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The blight phase of Botryosphaeria diseases in nut crops of California
Tree nut outlook for 2024
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Water stress
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Hazelnut crop concerns
Almond Board of California
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