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fear and resentment. Occasionally these concerns are
insurmountable, but more often good communication can
settle things down. But these can be emotionally charged
conversations, and may require an impartial facilitator/
moderator who doesn't share your last name!
Unprepared heirs
A succession plan should establish clear expectations
for the next generation; identify educational requirements
to join the operation, ongoing professional development,
and required membership in regional or national
farming associations. All family members should clearly
understand that advancing in your operation requires
work and achieving objective benchmarks.
Failure of mission or vision
While you might think the children who grew up on
the farm (and the spouses they married!) would all share
a common vision. That's not always the case! When
important questions come up - buying or selling acreage,
adding irrigation, adding a new crop, maybe even dabbling
in solar - what is the agreed upon decision making
process? Having a mission and vision statement in place
helps immensely when the inevitable conflicts surface.
It is much easier to develop that mission and vision
statement when your family members are objective,
rather than trying to build consensus when emotions and
tempers are running high. When faced with conflict and
big decisions, does every family member get a vote? Do
designated family members make those big decisions?
Or should a CEO who is not a family member make the
tough calls?
Putting a well-thought-out plan in place when times
are good, can save the operation - and the family
relationships - in challenging times.
Our fourth article in this series will identify proven
" best practices " you can employ in your operation.
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March/April 2024

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Editor's Letter
The blight phase of Botryosphaeria diseases in nut crops of California
Tree nut outlook for 2024
From the top
Water stress
Buzz pollination
Hazelnut crop concerns
Almond Board of California
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