March/April 2024 - 4

Spring into success
ike many of you, I am optimistic
about successful growth and
yields for the 2024 season. But,
I'm also just as excited about connections
and support the industry offers.
There are so many resources available
through your local Extension offices,
farm advisors, crop consultants and
In this issue, we have a variety of information, across crops
and topics to provide resources for you, and we are even sharing
the journey of one grower, Leger & Son, on page 14.
We also have a crop outlook for a variety of tree nuts in this
issue, which outlines some of the potential pest and disease
threats present this season, page 10.
Additionally, Themis J. Michailides, Ph.D., Department
of Plant Pathology, University of California, Davis/Kearney
Agricultural Research and Extension Center, Parlier, California,
discusses the blight phase of Botryosphaeria diseases in nut
crops on page 6.
Plus, Almond Board of California shares important
information on " spoon-feeding " nitrogen to almond trees to
help maximize investments and minimize efficiencies. Turn
to page 26 to read how growers can positively impact profit
Hazelnut growers also need to be vigilant this year, as there
are concerns with a new strain of Eastern filbert blight that has
been detected. Nik Wiman, associate professor and orchard
specialist at Oregon State University discussed this pressing
concern with us on page 22.
One key factor for all crops is water. Turn to page 18 to learn
more about how growers can identify water stress and the time
irrigation in an impactful way.
I hope you enjoy this edition and also the beautiful spring
Until next issue,
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Volume 4, Issue 2

March/April 2024

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of March/April 2024

Editor's Letter
The blight phase of Botryosphaeria diseases in nut crops of California
Tree nut outlook for 2024
From the top
Water stress
Buzz pollination
Hazelnut crop concerns
Almond Board of California
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