November/December 2022 - 4

Different words with
a common goal
efinitions are the source from
where words pull their power.
Agriculture has witnessed this
phenomenon within its own ranks - from
conventional and organic, to sustainable
and regenerative. Just in reading that one
sentence, images may have popped in
mind of a certain type of farmer, dispute
or mission, even though they all could be
very, very similar in their practices.
There are a few others peppered in the new ag vernacular,
Crystal Nay
Managing Editor
but the bottom line is that they're all after a common goal: to
be better stewards of the land (There's another one!) and still
make money while doing so.
But while words can strangely teeter on meanings while the
collective sorts them out, there's one that is gaining full steam
ahead. It encompasses the useful and intuitive practices of
our farmer grandparents and great-grandparents, as well as
the bold jump into the next era of farming that utilizes some
of the newest, coolest tech on the market today.
These things are all leading agriculture to operate in a
certain way.
Climate smart.
It's a combination of the best parts of the past, present
and future of farming. It's a concept that is quickly gaining
traction - and is backed by a significant amount of funding -
because agriculture is not only quantifying in many different
ways the successes and benefits of certain older practices,
but is also qualifying new offerings that continue to push the
boundaries of what is possible in marrying environmentally
conscious options with protecting and/or increasing yields.
It'll also serve as the nexus for discussions about other quick
up-and-comers, like carbon markets.
We take a look at a family operation (Page 6) that is bringing
the science to the farm, hypothesizing, and doing what it can
to confirm or deny whether a practice works and fits into the
climate-smart concept. Soil health, and therefore the health
of a soil's beneficial microbes (Page 18), is another important
facet. And because our trees must be strong and resilient as
we experience more extreme and unpredictable weather,
we have some new varieties bred to stretch the season and
promote desired- and needed -genetics (Page 14).
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