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CPS elects new board of directors
Joe Pezzini, senior director of agricultural operations for Taylor
Farms, was elected Center for Produce Safety (CPS) board of
directors chair at the annual business meeting June 23. Pezzini's
first priority as board chair is to guide the update of the center's
strategic plan.
Pezzini underscored that produce safety isn't just a professional
goal, it's personal to the fresh produce industry. The CPS' work must
center on meeting the needs of a diverse fresh-produce supply chain.
The 28-member board also welcomed six returning members and
one new one, elected other officers for 2022-24 and recognized
several longtime volunteer leaders who retired from the group.
Six board members agreed to serve additional three-year terms:
* Jim Brennan, president, SmartWash Solutions
* Mike Joyner, president, Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association
* Dave Murray, partner, Andrew & Williamson/Good Farms
* Mark Mignogna, vice president, quality assurance, Sysco
* Victor Smith, CEO, J.V. Smith Farms
* Craig Wilson, vice president, QA and food safety, Costco Wholesale
Joining the board for the first time is Amy Gates, vice president of
Seald Sweet/Greenyard USA.
The board also elected officers for 2022-24, including Pezzini as
board chair, Bret Erickson (senior vice president of business affairs
for Little Bear Produce) as secretary, and Mark Powers (president of
Northwest Horticultural Council) as treasurer.
Retiring board members include Dave Corsi of Wegmans Food
Markets, Doug Grant of the Oppenheimer Group, Tom Stenzel of the
International Fresh Produce Association and consultant Paul Fleming.
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With the acquisition of Produce Pro, Aptean builds upon its
award-winning Food & Beverage enterprise resource planning (ERP)
offerings with more functionality to serve the food distribution
segment of the industry. Produce Pro will benefit from Aptean's
global scale, resources and technological expertise.
Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Woodridge, Illinois,
Produce Pro's enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is
designed to meet the unique, end-to-end, operational challenges
of fresh food producers and distributors. Food distribution often
involves the receipt and shipment of products with a short shelf life,
resulting in a high risk of loss or waste of inventory. Produce Pro's
platform helps its customers meet this risk and other complexities,
including food quality and safety requirements, pricing fluctuations,
dependency on supplier relationships and complex inventory
management by supporting traceability, increasing visibility and
improving efficiencies across the supply chain.
Fresh Express advances sustainability efforts
Fresh Express is not letting global supply chain woes stand
in the way of achieving its North American sustainability
goals. According to Vice President Fabian Pereria, who directs
sustainability efforts, the company has recently adopted the use
of reduced gauge corrugate to circumvent shortages and also
contribute to increased sustainability.
" At Fresh Express, we are always seeking new and inventive ways
to address our ongoing sustainability priorities, " he said. " Given the
amount of corrugate required for our operations over time, even
moderate reductions can have significant impact. "
Pereria added that Fresh Express strives to make a positive
JBT acquires Alco-food-machines
JBT Corporation has acquired Alco-food-machines GmbH & Co.
KG (Alco), a leading provider of further food processing solutions
and production lines.
Alco was founded in Bad Iburg, Germany, in 1977 based on the
idea from Heinz and Gertrud Algra to make the best machines in the
industry, which today, produce everything from noodle sauces and
pizza to convenience and snack foods.
environmental impact in how the company grows, processes,
packages and ships each product. For example, Fresh Express
farmers use soil health best practices of no-till, crop rotation, drought
resilient seeds, yield improvement and soil and water retention.
The company also works closely with energy providers to source
more from renewable sources including the use of solar in fields to
power machinery and multiple operations. At the plant level, one-third
(thus far) of fluorescent bulbs have already been replaced with LED.
In transportation, Fresh Express requires contracted carrier fleets
Aptean adds Produce Pro in merger
Aptean has acquired Produce Pro Software, a provider of
enterprise technology solutions built to support the specific needs of
the fresh produce and perishables industries.
Produce Pro's products are designed to serve customers across
the supply chain from production to distribution. They are used by
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to utilize updated and fuel-efficient equipment and a majority also
participate in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency SmartWay
program to reduce carbon emissions.
Through a commitment of zero waste, Fresh Express works
upstream with vendors and across all five regional manufacturing
centers to reduce the amount of waste materials coming into and
being generated by facilities, invests in reusable containers and
executes a proactive recycling program.

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