March/April 2019 - 16

A Cut Above
By Melanie Epp
Contributing Writer
equipment manufacturers show off their
new technology at Fruit Logistica, an
annual trade fair for the global fruit and
vegetable sector in Berlin. This year,
five companies launched new cutting
solutions, and one was nominated for
an Innovation Award for its ingenuity.
Pits be gone
Avocados have been all the rage in
recent years, which means consumers
are demanding them in all shapes and
sizes. But the slippery fruit is tough to
cut by hand, making it time consuming
and frustrating for processors. Italian
equipment manufacturer CTI Food Tech
now offers a mechanical solution: the
Avocado Pitter 300-AVC.
The Avocado Pitter 300-AVC is a
patented machine for removing avocado
pits. It guides and transports the
avocados gently into a special feeder
tank, and is capable of processing up to
300 avocados per minute, said Christian
De Marco, area sales manager.
In the tank, the pear-shaped fruits
are positioned vertically in a special
holder and cut in half from above and
below without splitting the seed. A
pin then removes the seed and the
fruit remains completely undamaged.
Up to now the avocado seed has been
removed manually.
The Avocado Pit ter 300-AOC
was nominated for a Fruit Logistica
Innovation Award.
Vegetable belt cutting
While many of the equipment
exhibitors at Fruit Logistica focus
on large processing companies,
some target small to medium-sized
processors. Dutch company Jegerings,
for instance, offers a whole line of
vegetable processing machinery. Their
ideal end users can be found in the
foodservice sector and catering where
staff turnover is often high. For this
reason, Jan Jegerings, director and
CEO, has designed equipment with
ease of use in mind.
Probably the most popular piece
of equipment Jegerings sells in his
vegetable processing line is the Belt
Cutting Machine. The machine comes
apart easily and is easily cleaned. This
is an important feature as many of his
clients use the machine to process a
variety of vegetable products using a
variety of blades. Hygiene is also of
the utmost importance, which is why
Jegerings uses polyurethane belts in
the cutting machine.
Sormac, Foodcons collaborate
Dutch company Sormac has recently
joined forces with German equipment
manufacturer Foodcons in order to
better utilize the technical knowhow
and market knowledge of both
companies. The goal is to further
develop Foodcons products, like FS3800/Multicut,
a new generation of
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