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Focused on fresh-cut
As consumers demand more fresh
convenience foods, products like
mixed fruit salads get more and more
popular. Manually cutting fruit is a
monumental task, though - one that
requires precise machinery.
There are five main fruits in
fresh-cut fruit salad, said Gianluca
Giordana, PND sales representative.
They are mango, pineapple, citrus,
apples and strawberries.
Finis goes carrots and onions
Founded by Aloysius van Raaij,
In the
 PND's pineapple peeler and corer on display at
Fruit Logistica in Berlin. Photo: Melanie Epp
cutting technology. The new machine
was on display at Fruit Logistica where
visitors could watch it in action. It is
a high-capacity cutting machine that
can process 3,600 pieces per hour with
high precision.
According to Kim Suntjens of
Sormac, the FS-3800 brings on a new
era for Sormac as well, because it will
take the company in new directions
and allow them to service the smallscale
sector as well. The FS-3800
serves just that market.
United States, PND gets the most
demand for its pineapple- and mangocutting
lines, always for the freshcut
market, said Virginia Cascella,
PND export manager. The pineapple
line includes peeling, cutting and
coring equipment.
The semiautomatic peeling machine
for melon and pineapple is available
in three models with one to three
peeling heads. The peeler, thanks
to a mechanical system, al lows
pineapple cor ing, according to
customer's specifications. The peeler
is manually fed, and peels the outside
of the fruit even when the fruit is
irregularly shaped. Made of stainless
steel, all components are easily
changeable, and all parts that come
into contact with fruit are made with
food-approved material.
Dutch company Finis has been making
slicing machines since 1924. Three
generations later, the company still
develops new vegetable processing
equipment. Two of the company's
signature machines are designed to
top and tail onions. Originally, the
company used a straight knife, but has
since developed a special coring knife.
The topping and tailing sections are
fully independent from one another. A
static sensor sets the size of the cut top
or tail. This is done to minimize waste.
The coring system removes the top
and tail of the onion in a way that
makes for higher yields. Incorporating
Finis' fully automatic peeling line,
which peels by air, limits the amount
of labor needed to process onions.
Finis equipment can process a whole
variety of vegetables from potatoes to
parsnips and onions to beets. According
to Yvonne Hakvoort, export managers, its
carrot line is about to get a new machine
too: a carrot topper. While the carrot
topper is still in the prototype phase,
it was on display at Fruit Logistica.
Fruit Logistica is held annually in
Berlin, Germany. Dates for 2020 are
set for Feb. 5-7.
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