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extend shelf life and improve safety
of non-pasteurized juices. In juices,
PEF technology helps maintain taste,
appearance and nutritional value,
a huge selling point for fresh juice
processors, said Scholten.
Tomato processors will be equally
impressed by how much energy can be
saved during peeling. " Once a tomato
is PEFed, you can actually remove the
skin of the tomato so much easier, "
Scholten said. PEF also increases
lycopene bioavailability in tomatoes.
Focus on small-scale lines
PEF technology was designed
specifically for food applications, said
Marcos Pereira, board member and
partner at Energy Pulse Systems. Nonthermal
food processing for extended
shelf life of fruit juices is one of the
main applications.
" Our value proposition is focused on
small-scale processing lines of up to 500
liters per hour where the equipment may
be shared by several small juice producers
that value the natural products and seek
" The reason why they
decided to invest
in this technology is
because PEF
actually works. "
- Linda Scholten, European Federation of
Food Science and Technology
an increase in shelf life, but keeping the
freshness of the juice, " Pereira said. " The
€80,000-investment (about $90,800) is
an outcome of the European FieldFood
project that was recently terminated
after three years of a multi-million euro
projects involving 10 institutions and
companies in the European food sector. "
The EPULSUS developed for PEF is
sold on the global market. So far Pereira
said they've sold equipment to labs in
U.S., France, Germany, Spain, Chile
and Mexico.
" Our equipment is made with stateof-the-art,
off-the-shelf components,
bringing advanced pulsed power
electronics to SMEs in the food sector at
an economic cost, " Pereira said. " These
state-of-the-art components are being
used in the equipment developed and
sold in international physics labs and
biotech companies in the U.S. "
Energy Pulse Systems isn't the only
company offering pulsed electric field
technology. German company Elea offers
a range of PEF technology, including
SmoothCut, CoolJuice and PEFPilot. The
company believes PEF is the future when
it comes to processing raw product.
" As PEF is applicable to all products
where quality counts it will become the
preferred industry technology, " said Stefan
Töpfl, professor at the German Institute
of Food Technology and part of the team
that built Elea. " PEF can restructure raw
materials, improve cutting, increase
yield, enhance product quality, extend
shelf life and enable new product
development. One targeted treatment
brings great value to your business. "
To learn more about the FieldFood
project, PEF technology, visit www.

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