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'Oriental Red' kiwi named Fruit Logistica's most
Jingold's " Oriental Red " kiwi fruit was named the top product
for the 2019 Fruit Logistica Innovation Award program in February.
The Italian company won the Gold award during the show in Berlin.
Originally from China, the red Dong-Hong kiwi not only has
unique organoleptic properties but also
boasts an excellent shelf life. As well as the
fiery red color of its flesh, trade visitors also
commented on the fruit's pleasant, sweet taste.
It has a sugar content of 20 to 21 degrees brix.
Silver was awarded to the " Softripe Ripening
Technology " from German firm Frigotec. Show
attendees were impressed by the energy-saving ripening
technology for bananas and other tropical fruit.
The Bronze award went to the " Top-sealable compostable,
recyclable strawberry punnet " from CKF in Canada.
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Turatti's enhanced Vortex model adds
drying system
Turatti recently introduced a new automated spin dryer for
the European market. The Vortex-150, named in honor of the
company's 150th anniversary, is an enhanced version of the
Vortex, which was first developed in 2011. The new version
includes patented anti-vibration system and drying basket
The Vortex-150, already operating
in several U.S. and Canadian
facilities, utilizes the highest
cleanability and accessibility
standards in the industry, according
to Turatti. Compact and low profile,
the Vortex-150 dryer fits in a very
limited space and is capable of processing high volumes. Its low
height and open hygienic design allows maximum accessibility to
every area of the machine.
By adding the dryer to the Vortex series, Turatti is able to
Soft Robotics releases automated modular
picking system
Soft Robotics recently announced the release of mGrip, the
company's first on-demand, modular automation system.
Each kit comes equipped with the components needed to build
tools with limitless configurations and spacing options, solving
even the toughest picking challenges. Since its inception, Soft
Robotics' technology has transformed manufacturing for industries
that have been excluded from deploying automation due to the
limitations of conventional robotic technologies. The company's
revolutionary gripping system has been validated in the most
demanding production environments with customers around the
world, according to the company.
mGrip is now commercially available.
offer a wide range of advanced drying systems to assist
processing needs for fresh cut products. The basket design
features smooth inner surface, no central axle as well as
external fins that enhance water flow through the basket holes.
It achieves better drying at lower rotating speeds preventing
product mechanical damage.
The spin dryer allows fully automatic operation utilizing a
programmable controller that manages all functions using
preprogrammed recipes. Switching recipes is done quickly and
proprietary software and RFID card document all changes for
quality control auditing. The smart configuration of the controller is
pre-qualified for Industry 4.0 Blockchain Technology Integration.
BrightFarms adding greenhouses in three
eastern states
BrightFarms is expanding with plans for new sustainable
Church Brothers Farm acquires Growers Express
Salinas, California-based Church Brothers Farms has acquired
the commodity vegetable business of Growers Express and a
licensing agreement to extend the Green Giant Fresh brand to new
varieties in partnership with Growers Express.
Growers-ExpressChurch Brothers Farms said the acquired
assets include the growing, harvesting and selling of field-packed
vegetable commodities currently branded under Growers Express'
Green Giant Fresh license. Growers Express retains the high
growth, value-added segment of its business where innovations
such as Cauliflower Crumbles, Vegetable Noodles and Green Giant
Fresh Vegetable Bowls were first brought to market.
greenhouse farms in central Massachusetts, New York's Hudson
Valley and North Carolina. The greenhouses will be 280,000
square feet each and sit on 20 acres of land.
The greenhouses will further the brand's presence and add to
BrightFarm's network of local and sustainable farms across the
Mid-Atlantic and into the South. The company currently operates
greenhouses in Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.
Each greenhouse will produce more than two million pounds of
fresh, leafy salad greens and herbs per year and employ around
55 full-time workers.
BrightFarms will also explore acquisitions and partnerships with
existing greenhouse growers in each of the new markets.

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