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moves the product to a storage location
using Rexroth's ROKIT Locator software.
Navigating autonomously, the MP1000R
brings a second pallet full of product back
to the VarioFlow plus conveyor, where the
Kassow Robot loads more boxes onto it.
Also, a new, scalable and app-based
of each optical sorter. A variety of
customizable alarms can notify the
customer of production anomalies.
SMS provides an overview of the
Rexroth ctrlX AUTOMATION platform
can be applied in a packaging line to
reduce component and engineering costs
by 30%-50%.
 Emerson
Among Movicon.NExT modules,
 SOMIC Packaging
SOMIC Packaging
The 424 series wraparound case packer
by SOMIC Packaging produces up to 25
cases per minute, utilizing what SOMIC
Packaging CEO Peter Fox describes as the
ultimate in space-saving simplicity and
ensuring a smooth operation.
The compact 424 W3 case packer was
designed for collating, grouping and
packaging products in wraparound cases,
folding cases, display cases and open
cases as well as open or covered trays.
Developed for a wide range of products
and case models, the Wraparound
Packer SOMIC 424 W3 is equipped with
individually produced format tools,
providing nearly unlimited flexibility
when it comes to developing solutions
for your packaging requirements.
Movicon.NExT HMI/SCADA is a
modular, scalable platform that goes
beyond SCADA to solve automation
problems for both CPGs and original
OEMs, from the single-machine level to
a complete plantwide industrial internet
of things (IIoT) project implementation.
Movicon Pro.Lean provides performance
data and analytics for evaluations of
OEE, Movicon Pro.Energy measures and
tracks consumption, while the advanced
Movicon NExT.AR solves operational
problems through visualization tools that
allow personnel to evaluate previously
unreachable equipment. For maximum
flexibility, Emerson also provides
Movicon WebHMI, an HTML5-based
visualization tool that can be used as
a stand-alone HMI product running on
Windows or Linux operator panels, or as
a Web Client for Movicon.NExT SCADA
applications, as well as Connext, an
industrial protocol gateway.
key performance indicators of a Bühler
SORTEX machine and delivers actionable
insights to increase productivity, yield
and efficiency. The monitoring system
allows for full remote traceability, greater
efficiency and an improved yield with a
Bühler optical sorter.
 Sidel
Sidel has created a state-of-theart
end-of-line solution for a French
winemaker. The new packing solution,
offering automatic changeovers, enables
the customer to increase production
capacity and keep pace with growing
sales. Sidel's complete and automated
solution is enabling outputs of 14,000
bottles per hour. The combination of the
Sidel Cermex FlexiPack auto-adjustable
case packer, DiviArm distributor and
the PalVite palletizer offers maximum
flexibility with rapid format changeovers,
as well as guaranteed reliability and
bottle protection.
The packer allows fast and seamless
 Bühler
Three problems facing the fruit, veg
and potato sectors include blockages,
in product quality and
human error. Bühler's new SORTEX
Monitoring System (SMS) offers increased
performance visibility and reduces risk
with remote real-time monitoring.
At- a-g l ance da shboa rds g ive a
comprehensive yet straightforward
overview of the sorting performance
changeovers in just a few minutes due
to the automatic adjustment of lanes
and gripping head. It also enables easy
creation of new formats directly from a
human-machine interface (HMI). The
DiviArm solution allows a smooth lane
distribution of the bottles at the infeed,
preventing shocks. The compact PalVite
4000 is almost entirely controlled from
the HMI, from format changeovers,
requiring only one manual adjustment
of the case turner at the palletizer infeed,
to the creation of new patterns. http://www.NExT.AR

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