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carries a carbon-neutral label. It is one of eight Evol products
to carry such a label.
" Evol's philosophy has always been rooted in making
great tasting food while doing what's right, " said Jill Dexter,
vice president, Better for You and Family Meals, Conagra
Brands. " The certified carbon neutral status of these eight
frozen meals is a visible step in our journey to help protect
the environment. "
U.S. fruit and vegetable processor Pacific Coast Producers
 Istem, an edible stem cauliflower, was created by Syngenta Seeds, which won
a bronze Innovation Award at Fruit Logistica.
iStem is unique in that it's the
first edible stem cauliflower,
a feature that reduces food waste.
Its sweet, nutty curds are high in
fiber and vitamin C, and can be
eaten whole with no preparation.
Conscientious consumption
As cl imate consciousness
comes into focus, more brands
are working to shr ink the
environmental footprint of the
products they produce. Many are
putting their sustainability efforts
front and center, using those efforts
as clear marketing for consumers
who are looking for products that
are in line with their core values.
Innova Market Reports listed
(PCP) is working towards more climate-conscious branding
as well. The company recently invested in steam peeling
technology for its tomato line. When chemicals are used to peel
skin from tomatoes, the peel becomes a waste product. The
introduction of steam peeling technology has allowed PCP to
use the byproduct in sauces and pastes, thereby reducing waste.
Converting to steam peeling also saves on water, said Tami
Iverson, director of marketing and
communications at Pacific Coast
" We float the tomatoes in water and
we use water to empty out the bins when
the tomatoes come into the cannery, "
she explained, adding that being
able to repurpose water lowers their
overall consumption. " It also helps
with the quality of the tomato. We
have better texture and better color
when we do the steam peeling. It's
just a better way all around for us to
peel the tomatoes. "
Currently, 100% of PCP's retail
tomato products are steam peeled.
The company is moving towards
100% steam peeled product for its
foodservice clients as well.
 Evol Mac and Cheese by Conagra Brands has a carbonneutral
label, along with seven other Evol products.
" farming for the future " as one of its 2023 food trends, which ties
right into conscientious consumption. According to the report,
the public is increasingly curious about innovative technologies
such as vertical and regenerative farming. Today's consumers
want to know where their food comes from, as location is
intrinsically tied to concerns around health, sustainability
and waste.
" At Innova, we have seen a considerable consumer demand
for value redefined throughout the supply chain, with creative
and flexible approaches to the use of technology and reducing
waste proving pivotal, " said Lu Ann Williams, Global Insights
director at Innova. " With financial concerns a dominating
factor, 2023 is a significant year for new developments that
answer these growing demands. "
The annual Whole Foods Market survey forecast a similar
trend for 2023. The report also noted considerable growth in
the number of brands that are trying to improve the impact
of food and beverage production. One of the products the
report highlighted was Evol Mac and Cheese Conagra, which
 Pacific Coast Producers uses steam peeling technology for their tomatoes,
which saves water.
Green gastronomy
The plant-based sector has seen rapid
growth in recent years, which is good news for fruit and
vegetable processors. But it's not just products that replace

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