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HarvestMaster introduces
the Cache Weigh System
Founded in 1993, HarvestMaster has always strived to
provide precision agriculture equipment that is highly
accurate and meets the needs of its users. With a legacy
of yield monitors, most notably the Casma Yield Monitor,
HarvestMaster is familiar with the current products offered
to commercial growers and where there is room for
improvement. After hearing concerns and frustrations from
customers about the current processes surrounding weight
measurements while storing and trucking harvested potatoes,
HarvestMaster is excited to share details about its newest
product, the Cache Weigh System.
The Cache Weigh System is a total solution that can be
installed on any current piler set up. The load cells of the
Cache system are built to withstand the rigorous process
of loading and unloading tons of potatoes throughout the
season. Visual feedback is always available with the Cache
system's display and data is accessible via WiFi connectivity.
With the Cache Weigh System, commercial growers can
confidently know how much they have on hand as well as
how much they are loading onto trucks.
The high level of accuracy from the Cache calibrations
ensures that growers are saving time and money. Gone
are conservative estimates while loading trucks to ensure
highway safety and compliance. Trucks can now be loaded
with accuracy, preventing drivers from transporting too
light of a load and wasting unnecessary time and fuel. If
organizations rely on a community scale for their trucks,
Cache can prevent overloading and reduce the need of
multiple trips to adjust and readjust truck loads. Rather
than estimating, Cache weighs while loading, weight is
confirmed at the community scale and your product can
begin its transport. The risk of underdelivering is eliminated,
and both growers and buyers can be confident that truck
measurements are accurate.
Low maintenance solution
Cache's hardware and calibrations are designed to be
both accurate and long-lasting. Typically, growers only need
to recalibrate at the beginning of the season or if the piler
goes an extended period without use. Sensors and wires are
designed to withstand the tough environment and rarely
require replacement.
Efficient data collection and storage
Additionally, users can see real-time data while operating
the Cache Weigh System. Equipped with its own network,
Cache transmits data results to mobile devices connected to
the network. Cache also maintains a log of the most recent
loads and weights. Along with the live data and logs, users can
also check calibrations and troubleshoot when connected to
the Cache's network. It has never been easier to monitor a piler.
Live customer support
HarvestMaster has heard the concerns and frustrations
with current measurement solutions and has answered those
concerns with the Cache Weigh System. Cache was built with
the customer in mind, and that customer service doesn't end
once the Cache Weigh System has been purchased. Along with
being a company that provides innovative solutions that last,
HarvestMaster prides itself on its world-class customer service.
If needed, field technicians are available to help troubleshoot
and answer questions should they arise.
The Cache Weigh System provides a cutting-edge and longlasting
solution, helping commercial growers avoid mistakes
and weigh product in real time. Contact HarvestMaster today to
learn how the Cache Weigh System can improve your business.
For more information, visit www.harvestmaster.com.
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