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Social media. Love it or hate it, it's here to stay
For an organization
Jamey Higham
President and CEO
like the Idaho
Potato Commission
(IPC), social
media (Facebook,
Instagram, YouTube,
Twitter, TikTok,
Pinterest, LinkedIn
and Reddit - yes,
there are quite a few)
plays an important
role in helping us
communicate directly
with consumers
across the country and around the world.
And maybe more importantly, it helps
consumers form and develop a meaningful
relationship with Idaho potatoes, building
longstanding trust and loyalty.
In addition to one-on-one communication,
the IPC's social media presence has proven
invaluable in increasing traffic to the website -
the IPC's command central for all potato and
industry-related information. It also helps us
better understand who our customers are -
their age, gender, location, interests, etc. -
analytics we use to help shape our marketing
initiatives. Social media also allows us to
keep an eye on the competition and trends
in the food/commodity worlds.
A congressional hearing on the effects
of the Waters of the United States
(WOTUS) rule drew criticism of the rule,
with speakers testifying that it imposes
unnecessary government overreach and
creates regulatory barriers.
The U.S. House Transportation and
Infrastructure Committee meeting on
Feb. 8 drew comments from producers,
academics and industry leaders. Rep. Sam
Graves, the committee chair, said farmers
need clarity about the rule, which goes into
effect March 23.
Garett Hawkins, Missouri Farm Bureau
president, discussed the rule's impact on
everyday farming and ranching practices
and the costs of implementing the rule,
which he said " threatens to impede
farmers' and ranchers' ability to provide
safe, affordable, and abundant food, fuel,
and fiber to the citizens of this nation and
Spudman * March 2023
the world. Their concerns are not hyperbole,
nor are they isolated occurrences. "
The hearing followed the introduction
of a joint resolution of disapproval under
the Congressional Review Act for the
WOTUS rule by Graves and David Rouzer,
Water Resources and Environment
Subcommittee chair, alongside nearly 150
congressional colleagues.
The revised WOTUS definition was
announced on Dec. 30, 2022, and
published in the Federal Register on Jan.
18. Developed by the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency and the Department
of the Army, the rule seeks to " establish
a clear and reasonable definition of the
'waters of the United States' and reduces
the uncertainty from constantly changing
regulatory definitions that has harmed
communities and our nation's waters, "
according to the EPA's website.
The rule restores water protections put
in place prior to 2015 under the Clean
Water Act for traditional navigable waters,
territorial seas and interstate waters, as
well as upstream water resources that
affect those waters.
" When Congress passed the Clean
Water Act 50 years ago, it recognized
that protecting our waters is essential to
ensuring healthy communities and a thriving
economy, " EPA Administrator Michael S.
Regan said in a news release. " Following
extensive stakeholder engagement, and
building on what we've learned from
previous rules, EPA is working to deliver a
durable definition of WOTUS that safeguards
our nation's waters, strengthens economic
opportunity, and protects people's health
while providing greater certainty for farmers,
ranchers and landowners. "
- National Potato Council
Here are a few statistics that help
explain the enormity of social media:
* More than half the people on earth use
social media
* 74% of Americans use social media
* More American women (78%) than men
(69%) are active on social media
* The average time spent on social media
each day is 2 hours and 25 minutes
* 81% of Instagram users say it helps
them research products and services
* 73% of U.S. users visit Facebook daily
The IPC slowly built its social media
presence organically (very little paid
advertising), which has resulted in
exponential growth today. In the last year
alone, we've increased the total number of
social media followers by 50,000.
We attribute this growth to relevant,
engaging and creative content. Here are a
few examples of our most popular posts:
* Thank a Farmer. People love to see where
their food comes from and, especially,
meet the people who grow it. IPC followers
are introduced to a new Idaho potato
farmer and his family every month. They're
encouraged to link to the IPC website
to learn more, including the farmer's
favorite way to eat an Idaho potato.
* Contests/Giveaways. Based on what we've
learned, everyone loves winning Idaho
potato swag. We host several giveaways
each year to help keep consumers
engaged. Prizes have included a bottle
of Frites by Idaho perfume and tickets to
the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl and New
Year's Eve Idaho Potato Drop. We've even
given away stays at the Famous Idaho
Potato Hotel. However, the prize that
always generates the most participation
is fresh Idaho russet potatoes.
* Collaborations with Influencers. The IPC
has developed amazing partnerships with
popular influencers such as Over The Fire
Cooking, A Cook Named Matt and My Bizzy
Kitchen, who promote Idaho potatoes to
hundreds of thousands of followers.
* Cross Promotions. Working with other
brands like Chobani, Spiceology and
Litehouse Foods help us highlight
recipes and cooking techniques, as well
as food holidays, retail and foodservice
promotions, etc.
* Recipes. With close to 2,000 recipes
on the IPC website, we love to whet
people's appetites with delicious ways to
enjoy potatoes.
Keep your eyes peeled for some fun
social media posts this spring and maybe...
a surprise giveaway!

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