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It's Not About You
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By Wesley Sykes
Managing Editor of the first rules you learn about journalism and reporting is's never about you. You are not the subject of the story, rather
..the deliverer of the story. That's why when it comes to writing
columns, like this one, where it is acceptable to interject your voice to a
story, it is usually one of the last stories that get filed.
In a regularly devoted space, I have roughly 750 words to share some
thoughts and insights on the industry and overall theme of the issue.
I can write whatever I want, to a degree. But I circle back to one of
those first rules of journalism - it's not about you. And that very same
thought could be applied to sports healthcare professionals. So much of
their time is dedicated to helping others.
The best healthcare professionals, just like the best journalists,
understand this.
So, with the rest of the space granted to me in this column, here's an
excerpt from this month's issue, via contributing writer Brendan Kurie,
on athletic trainers acting fast in the face of an emergency.
" There's a recording of Andrew talking very calmly and directing
people what to do and where to go, " said Easton Area (PA) High School
Athletic Director James Pokrivsak. " That was very soothing to hear, but
also scary because of knowing what was going on at that moment. "
When Neeld heard the recording for the first time, he felt relief.
" I got that reassurance that I was calm the whole time, that I did help
lead and direct everybody and keep a calm atmosphere, " he said. " I felt
very relaxed. I knew I had a job and I had to get it done and I needed to
use my two co-workers in the room and (head wrestling) coach (Jody)
Karam once he got in the room. I had to use my tools. "
He found the 67-year-old Steve Powell, the team's assistant coach,
starting to turn purple on the floor with no pulse and no breathing. After
shocking Powell once and continuing CPR, EMS arrived, hooked him up
to their equipment, and detected a pulse.
" Once EMTs took over and I could step back is when I went through the
emotions, " Neeld said. " All your tears, all that sweat is coming out. You
hear them say he's saved, but you're not 100 percent convinced yet. "
" Everyone played a small part in it, which helped play a big part
because it ran smoothly, " Pokrivsak said.
On March 3, Madison County (VA) High School athletic trainer Kathryn
Crouthamel's main duty was football practice, but she decided to stop
by a neighboring cross country meet. As she got the lay of the land, she
noticed Rappahannock coach Kenny Burt unresponsive on the ground.
" I'd never been in this situation, " Crouthamel said. " You just hope in
those moments you'll remember what you've learned and what you've
practiced for so many years. "
She found the steps came flowing back to her.
" That list was going through my head, " she said. " In those times of
high stress, high alert, you're not going to have something like that
running through your head unless you've read it over and over and
practiced it over and over. " n
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