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" There's only so much you can do when the game
is going because those are high-speed injuries, but
we can do something about stress fractures during
training and conditioning " - Leon Scott, Vanderbilt
University Assistant Professor of Orthopaedics
problems underlying the existing tools and prevailing
methods for assessing bone stress and injury risk.
" We looked through the recent scientific literature,
and we found that more than 50 scientific publications
each year report or interpret their results based on
this incorrect assumption that ground reaction force is
representative of internal structure loading - the stress
on bones and muscles inside the body, " said Zelik, a
former college track, and field standout. " Measuring
ground reaction force may be convenient, but it's the
wrong signal. "
Wearable accelerometers and pressure sensors
already on the market may help monitor bone stress
injury risks, but only if they combine information about
the ground reaction force and the force from muscles
pulling against the bone. In general, you cannot
assume that increases in ground reaction force indicate
increases in bone stress, said Emily Matijevich, a
mechanical engineering Ph.D. student in Zelik's lab and
an avid runner.
Matijevich performed the lab work that the study
outlines, testing 10 runners over a range of speeds
and slopes.
" We used high-speed, motion-capture cameras to
track runners' movement and a special force-measuring
treadmill to record the ground reaction force under their
feet, " she said. " We then combined these signals using
biomechanical algorithms to estimate the compressive
force experienced by the tibia bone in the shank, a
common place for stress fractures to occur. In nearly all
Pro Tubular Knit
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tighter knit making it
ideal for the rigorous
demands of athletic use. The Pro Compression Bandage
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washed allowing it to be used several times before it wears
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Pro Scissors
The Pro scissors have been a staple in the training
room for over 50 years. The Pro 11 comes in
standard chrome coating or non-stick coating as
an option. These heavy duty shears can cut heat
moldable plastics, casting material and elastic
tapes to name a few. The Pro 21 scissors come
standard with a stainless steel finish or optional
non-stick finish. These shears feature a " soft feel "
rubber handle for comfort and are excellent for fine
or intricate cutting such as felt or pads.
distributors like Henry Schein, Performance Health, Collins Sports Medicine, Alert Services or School Health.
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