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How the Las Vegas Raiders aim for success with the help of Polar
Since 1977, Polar has worked to provide
athletes with personalized data and
transform it into actionable guidance -
helping tacticians and athletes perform at
the highest level while becoming resilient to
injury and fatigue.
Continuing to focus its leadership on
personal guidance for fitness, sport and
health, Polar supplies the world's best
measurement technology and data-driven
insights - perfect for anyone, or any team,
to understand their bodies better and
improve their health and overall happiness.
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
for the Las Vegas Raiders, AJ Neibel, has
worked in the National Football League
(NFL) for 22 years. With degrees in sports
psychology, physical therapy and advanced
exercise science, Neibel knows how
important it is to track player fatigue and
monitor their health.
With 17 regular season games in the NFL,
players consistently experience high-intensity
workouts. Neibel ensures players recover
efficiently and successfully - starting in the
According to Neibel, communication
between various training staff, coaching
staff and the general manager is crucial
when creating a plan to best improve
the team both mentally and physically.
Through the advancement of technology
and with the help of Polar, Neibel and
the team can engineer some of the best
players in the league.
" When building a robust, resilient athlete,
preparation is the key. We need to make
sure the guys have a well-balanced calendar
and targeted rest periods, " Neibel said.
" It's important to know your athletes ... you
can't manage their performance unless you
(monitor) it. That's where Polar comes in. "
With Polar, Neibel can monitor a player's
internal and external load. Because football
teams consist of players with various load
tolerance, it's important to understand
how each individual recovers during highintensity
workouts - ensuring the strength
and conditioning staff can attend to players
in the most efficient way possible.
" When using Polar, I'm capturing their
internal and external load and I am able to
see what's going on with those particular
athletes. Some athletes need to be worked
and addressed in different ways in order to
prepare them for games and increase load
management, " Neibel said.
Neibel works with athletes on their
heart rate recovery - teaching them
how to push their heart rate up and bring
it back down within three minutes of
a workout. Players practice heart rate
recovery drills during the off-season,
training camp and rehab to ultimately
prepare them to get back on the field.
Players, teams and coaching staff often
face unique events such as weather,
short weeks and injuries. Neibel manages
their workload through a week-to-week
evaluation and provides different types of
training for sufficient recovery.
Readiness and resiliency for athletes is
more than just physical preparation. Neibel
also incorporates emotional, spiritual,
cognitive and nutritional preparation into
the athlete's routine.
" My job is to educate the athlete; if I'm not
educating them, I'm not doing my job to help
them with their routine, " Neibel said. " Having
the ability to monitor each individual starts
a conversation with the athlete. I'm able
to focus on their recovery and fatigue and
educate them on how to better perform, push,
heal and be prepared for the week. "
National Account Manager of Team Sports
and Government at Polar, David DiFabio, has
worked with the company for nearly ten years
and has a strong background in strength and
conditioning. DiFabio explains how Polar's
technology advances an athlete's abilities -
both on and off the field.
" Polar provides the coaches, sports
medicine staff and strength and
conditioning staff with a microscopic look
into how an individual athlete or team is
recovering, " DiFabio said. " The technology
allows for individual training - tailoring to
an athlete's specific needs, goals, physiology
Learn more about Polar, visit www.polar.com/us-en/
8 | Training & Conditioning | April/May 2023
and biomechanics. This allows athletes to
be more effective, efficient and perform to
their best ability. "
Polar has a number of different solutions
and technologies that allow athletes and
training staff to measure heart rates
accurately. Polar's H10 heart rate sensor is
trusted by sports professionals and medical
researchers across the globe - giving
maximum precision insights during highintensity
Another innovative technology from
Polar is the Polar Verity Sense - an optical
heart rate sensor that provides athletes
with the maximum freedom of movement
with up to 30 hours of battery life and is
waterproof up to 50 meters.
" Tracking an athlete's heart rate will give
you a different perspective of what the
individual or team accomplished during a
practice or game. It's one indicator of the
athlete's health, well-being, fitness, and
recovery time, " DiFabio said. " If you're not
tracking heart rates, you're missing a huge
piece of the puzzle. "
DiFabio explains the importance of
understanding an athlete's limits and
utilizing the collected data to tailor their
individual strengths and weaknesses.
" Polar's technology gives you a greater
insight into the proper dosage of exercise,
so teams have the right balance between
volume, intensity and recovery - making
the athlete more resilient to the demands
of their job, sport or workout, " DiFabio said.
Focusing on recovery analysis, Polar
can track this data in a multitude of ways,
including heart rate variability, heart rate
recovery between drills, sleep patterns,
movement and more.
As more people around the world wear
smart devices to track physical activity,
Polar's technology is more relevant now
than ever. Polar is the only wearable
company in the world that provides both
individual and group training solutions.
This technology allows people to better
understand themselves, perform better
and live a healthier lifestyle.
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