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Phil Groenewold's 1,541-pound pumpkin won
the Fair Oaks Farms Cowtoberfest pumpkin
contest in October 2018. Photo: Indiana Pumpkin
Growers Association. Right, about 500-1,000
square feet are needed for growing the vines for
a large pumpkin. Photo: Gary Grande
and leaves become big consumers of the
whole plant's resources.
Grande said that at an early stage,
it's also very important to rearrange
the plant in such a way that anticipates
future growth. For instance, any roots
that sprout near the pumpkin stem
need to be cut, because as the pumpkin
grows, the stem will rise about 12 inches
off the ground and if the vine isn't free,
the pumpkin " will pick itself. "
Keeping the plant and fruit cool at all
times is important in order to avoid a
premature ripening. Grande said that,
to this end, many growers have two
irrigation systems - one to mist the
plant and leaves, and another to water
the roots. Another option is to shade
the fruit with a white sheet.
" We try to keep the plants cool and
moist, wanting for nothing, " Grande
said. Hodge said an application of
nitrogen around leaf bloom and
potassium around the end of the
season also helps. Mycorrhizal fungi
are introduced to the soil to help the
pumpkin roots better uptake nutrients.
At harvest, transportation becomes
an issue. Pumpkins from 200-300
pounds (which Hodge said are much
easier to grow) are moved with relative
ease. A heavy-duty tarp enables the
grower and five or six neighbors to lift a
pumpkin as heavy as 800 pounds, " but
that's a lot of weight to move around, "
Grande said. A forklift, if you can get
it to the pumpkin, comes in handy. For
true champion-size pumpkins, a system
of straps and loops is available for lifting
the pumpkins by tripod or crane.
The giant pumpkin then needs a
venue. Hodge sells two a year, one to a
town harvest festival, and then another
to an artist who carves one at the
Indiana State Fair. Grande " rented " a
pumpkin to a bar once for $500 before
harvesting its seeds. Grande said the
Great Pumpkin Commonwealth also
has 110 weigh-offs around the world.
No matter the venue, though, logistics
are an important consideration.
Even at the weigh-offs, " they have
to be taken off the pallet in order to be
weighed, " Grande said. VGN
Cucurbit vegetable growers who battle downy mildew
know the strain this disease can cause on their crop
quality and marketable yield. Depending on the weather
during the growing season, downy mildew can develop
and spread rapidly, resulting in severe crop damage.
In order to preserve the arsenal of cucurbit downy mildew
fungicides, it's important to follow a solid, integrated
pest management program that rotates fungicides with
different FRAC codes. If product stewardship and strict
management resistance aren't practiced, the pathogen
quickly develops resistance and can further devastate
your crops.
" Growers need to have more than one mode of action
available and alternate chemistries to effectively
manage the disease, " said Carolyn Syphrit, vegetable
crop lead with Valent. " The key to controlling curcurbit
downy mildew is finding the best team player for both
performance and rotation. "
Protection Against Foliar and Soilborne Diseases
Elumin™ Fungicide is a new oomycete fungicide that
provides excellent protection against cucurbit downy
mildew and pepper Phytophthora blight. Growers can see
optimal disease control with Elumin when used preventively
in a program alongside other fungicides with a different
mode of action.
Elumin prevents spores from splitting or even being
produced, which limits the ability of foliar and soil
New Tool to Enhance Your Cucurbit Downy
Mildew Program
New fungicide enhances effectiveness of rotational spray programs
pathogens to grow and infect plants. A FRAC 22 fungicide,
Elumin controls root and stem diseases through systemic
uptake, providing strong protectant and residual foliar
control. In addition to systemic activity, Elumin is also highly
translaminar, meaning that both upper and lower leaf
surfaces are protected.
Enhance Your Rotational Program
In 21 research trials conducted in Georgia, Florida, North
Carolina and Michigan, programs that included Elumin in
the rotation delivered excellent control of cucurbit downy
mildew. These results proved Elumin to be a strong fit in a
rotational program designed to provide season-long control
of the disease and to manage fungicide resistance potential.
Ranman® /
Orondis® /
Ranman® /
Orondis® /
Ranman® /
Elumin™ /
Bravo® Ranman® /
Zing!® /
In research trials, Elumin rotated with Ranman®
was more effective than Zing!®
and Zampro®
rotated with Ranman and Zampro.
Additionally, Elumin also delivers excellent Phytophthora
blight control on peppers when used in a program with
Fungicide. This program is particularly effective
against mefenoxam-resistant Phytophthora capsici on bell
" Elumin has proven efficacy on these oomycete diseases, "
Syphrit said. " Elumin allows growers to take effective action
and achieve optimal disease control in their rotational
foliar spray programs in order to maximize crop quality and
marketable yield. "
Always read and follow label instructions.
Elumin is a trademark and Presidio and Products That Work, From People Who Care are registered trademarks of Valent U.S.A. LLC. Bravo and Orondis are
registered trademarks of Syngenta. Ranman is a registered trademark of Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd. Zampro is a registered trademark of BASF. Zing! is a
registered trademark used under license by Gowan Company, LLC. ©2019 Valent U.S.A. LLC. All rights reserved. AM7006.
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