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Sustie award goes to
founder of Marrone
Pam Marrone, founder and CEO
of Marrone Bio Innovations, was
honored by the Ecological Farming
Association Jan. 25 at the EcoFarm
Awards Dinner Banquet. She was
presented with the Steward of
Sustainable Agriculture Award - or
" Sustie " - which recognizes those
who have been actively and critically
involved in ecologically sustainable
agriculture, and have demonstrated
their long-term, significant
contributions to the well being of
agriculture and the planet.
Marrone founded her namesake
company in 2006 to discover
and develop effective and
environmentally responsible,
biologically-based products for pest
management and plant health.
In addition to her corporate
responsibilities, Marrone is
active with industry and other
agriculture- and education-related
organizations, including Cornell
University, the Association of
Applied IPM Ecologists Foundation,
and UC Davis College of Agriculture
and Environmental Sciences.
" I had never imagined receiving
this award, " Marrone said. " I am
honored to be included among
the innovators, the leaders, the
early adopters and the guinea pigs
that are making the world more
sustainable. "
Earlier in the day, Marrone
presented the session " Innovations
in Biological Control, " along with
Michael Gilbert, founder and CEO
of Vancouver, Canada-based Semios.
The workshop explored emerging
tools and technologies designed
to increase the reliability and
sustainability of crop production
and pest management systems for
growers adopting biologicals.
Vic Smith supports
UA food safety effort
The University of Arizona School of
Animal and Comparative Biomedical
Sciences has received a $1.5 million
gift from Victor P. " Vic " Smith to
establish an endowed chair in food
safety education.
" Education in food safety is
becoming increasingly important in
our lives, " said Patricia Stock, interim
director of the School of Animal and
Comparative Biomedical Sciences.
" The generous contribution of Mr.
Smith will not only contribute to the
enhancement of student educational
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and engagement opportunities,
but will also help increase the
visibility of our food safety program
at the national and international
levels, " said Patricia Stock, interim
director of the School of Animal and
Comparative Biomedical Science.
In his role, Smith is responsible for
oversight of nine common controlled
business units. In 2012, he accepted his
current role as CEO with oversight of
all eight of the affiliated companies.
He is currently a board member for
the Western Growers Association, the
Produce Marketing Association, the
Arizona Commerce Authority and the
Arizona Department of Agriculture
Advisory Council.
From left: University of Arizona President
Robert C. Robbins, Vic and Karen Smith,
Margarethe Cooper, Shane Burgess.
Photo: Sunstreet Photo
Stock has selected Margarethe
Cooper, an assistant professor
of practice in animal and
comparative biomedical sciences,
to be the inaugural holder of the
Victor P. Smith Endowed Chair in
Food Safety Education.
Smith is CEO of JV Smith Cos. a
diverse group of operations with
farming, cooling, distribution facilities
and shipping capacities in Arizona,
California, Colorado and the Baja
peninsula of Mexico. These operations
produce a variety of commodities,
including lettuce, spinach, carrots,
celery and green onions.
Top USDA positions
filled by Perdue
U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny
Perdue on Jan. 28 selected three
individuals for senior leadership
positions at the USDA. Perdue named
Mindy Brashears as deputy under
secretary for Food Safety, Naomi
Earp as deputy assistant secretary
for civil rights, and Scott Hutchins as
deputy under secretary for research,
education and economics. These
positions do not require Senate
The three previously had been
nominated by President Donald
Trump for Senate-confirmed
positions at USDA. The president has
resubmitted their nominations to the
Senate in the 116th Congress.
The three have been reYOUR
SV9010SA 80 Day Bicolor SH2 Sweet Corn
High yield potential and superior eating quality. Resistance
to prevalent races of Common rust. Has above ground and
below ground insect pest protection and the weed control
benefits of RoundUp® agricultural herbicides.
ANTHEM XR II 72 Day Bicolor SH2 Sweet Corn
Provides excellent yield potential and eating quality. Product
shows solid performance in cold soils due to strong seedling
vigor. Has above ground and below ground insect pest
protection and the weed control benefits of RoundUp®
agricultural herbicides. HR: Ps (Rp1G)
TURNPIKE 71 Day Sweet Bell Pepper Hybrid
Turnpike combines very strong Phytophthora resistance with
high yields of dark green, firm fruit. A uniform size and a
good, blocky shape makes Turnpike ideal for place pack.
Sturdy plant with and improved canopy.
HR Tm:0/Xvc:0-5, 7-9 IR: Pc
BOTTLE ROCKET 85 Day Triploid Seedless Watermelon
A hybrid variety that combines the sweet taste of yesteryear,
high performance and the dependability you need to help
you build your business. 18 - 22 lbs. IR: Fon:1
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