March 2019 - 35

Winter weather work aside, radio links worldwide
Mills Apple Farm
This is the first year I have not done
much of the winter orchard work. I think
my body needs to be rebooted. Anyway
an old fried volunteered to help while in
between regular jobs and she is leading
others. What a pleasure not to have to
worry too much about this most important
job being accomplished.
Totally amazing website. This is off
any topic but still worth passing along if
you are curious.
This is absolutely amazing.
The green dots on the earth image at
right represent a radio station anywhere in
the world. Click on any one of the dots and
you can immediately listen to that station
with very good sound. Visit:
I listened to a discussion about repairing
or replacing schools at Barrow, Alaska; a
talk about Buddhism from Chinese Tibet in
perfect American female English; crop and
market reports from rural western Australia
and music from everywhere. Talk about the
world getting smaller.
Tool of the month: A varmint
shooter. This one is dangerous if not
managed properly, but I had to do
something. Raccoons are overrunning
us. It hasn't mattered what I've tried
they still keep outsmarting me.
This one is a .22-caliber semiautomatic
rifle mounted on a two-by-four, leaning
against a wall. The rifle is secured to a 1 " x
6 " x 6'' board using cutouts to fit the rifle. A
lever trips the trigger when a critter pulls a
Each green spot represents at least one radio station. Click on it and listen to any radio station, anywhere.
wire in front of the barrel. The gun shoots
into the ground.
The whole thing is screwed to the upper
end of an 8' two-by-four through blocks,
so that the barrel is actually 3 1/2 inches
above the two-by-four. A wide foot at the
bottom of the two-by-four allows it to
be leaned against a wall without falling
sideways. In order to get the bait, the
animal has to climb the two-by-four and
grasp the bait with its mouth. A short tug
fires the gun and the animal falls off. Since
the rifle is semiautomatic, the trap resets
for the next varmint.
I intend to use it in remote corners of
buildings where people will not encounter
it. By using nuts as bait, cats won't bother it.
Knowing raccoons, I suspect one coon is all
that we'll shoot before they steer clear of it.
Parkinson's update. After tremors,
a wobbly shuffling gait is probably the
most common symptom of Parkinson's
disease (PD). I didn't notice it, but the
movement specialist did. He prescribed
a month-long period of treatment with
physical therapists especially trained to
work with people like me.
While 16 sessions are not long enough to
make much change, it is long enough, even
with folks who have short-term memory
loss, to learn what they need to do, and
hopefully to continue with the program
on their own. I plan to. I have a cheat sheet
to help remember. Walking and balance.
Walking and balance.
Another problem with PD is difficulty
falling asleep and staying asleep. This is
not associated with sleep apnea. That is a
separate problem. This insomnia features
a brain that can't seem to shut down and
keeps running at full blast with ideas,
worries and concerns, even though one is
trying to unwind. This was not a problem
until recently. The doctor suggested
melatonin, starting with one five-milligram
pill and working up as needed. One pill
works like a charm.
So, with tremors and sleep apnea under
control, better walking habits, and now
more comfortable sleep, I am good to go
another 20 years. VGN
Our extensive selection and consultant's knowledge of varieties benefits you, our valued customer.
85 Days. Resistance/Tolerance: Ps(IR)
. Firm, bright
red, crisp flesh with tiny pips. Strong vines and high
yield potential. Excellent main-season choice with a
mostly 36 bin count.
Early Days. An extended flowering pollenizer that improves
the likelihood of available pollen during the
critical flowering of triploid watermelons. Strong, compact
vine structure allows it to climb up on triploids.
It provides little competition and produces a small,
grey crushable fruit for increased safety while walking
through the field and is easily distinguishable during
105 Days. An extremely large pumpkin with a dark
and large embedded handle to match the fruit size.
Great dark orange color.
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VGN | MARCH 2019 | 35
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