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May 2021 | Volume 55 |
Issue 5
Droplet size, vaporization keys to reducing spray drift
Spray is applied to a strawberry field in Moss Landing, California. Photos: Gary Pullano
By Dean Peterson
VGN Correspondent
Be it soil-applied applications
at planting or postemergence
applications, spray drift remains a
nagging issue for vegetable growers.
" Drift is an emotionally charged
issue. No one likes drift; no one likes
being drifted on, " said Jason Deveau,
application technology specialist in the
Agriculture Development Branch of
the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture,
Food and Rural Affairs. Deveau spoke
on spray drift at the most recent Great
Lakes Fruit, Vegetable and Farm
Market EXPO, held virtually in 2020.
Every spray application drifts to
some degree and there is no single,
best solution.
" Drift will happen, " Deveau said,
" but there are a whole series of
activities you can do to reduce the
risk. "
Training the operator, watching the
weather, using equipment properly and
being aware of nearby, sensitive areas
are all important, but managing drift
starts with understanding nozzles and
their effect on droplet size. All nozzles
See DRIFT, page 5
Asparagus Day a discussion forum
By Stephen Kloosterman
Associate Editor
International expertise, regional
research and industry insights were
presented to Michigan asparagus growers
on March 11 at Oceana Asparagus Day.
Twelve months ago, COVID-19 was just
beginning and a few lockdown procedures
were in place. This year, however, the
presentations were conducted via a
webinar instead of the friendly confines of
the church gym where the growers usually
meet in downtown New Era, Michigan.
International perspectives
Claire Donkin of Global Plant
Genetics, which represents four leading
asparagus breeders, presented the " UK
perspective on varietal performance. "
She discussed differences in the market,
storage and seasonal supply and demand.
There are also differences in how
individual varieties grow in the United
Kingdom versus North America.
" Guelph Millennium, for you guys,
I don't believe is recognized as a late
variety, " she said during a question-andanswer
session. " For me, it is. I can't take
data from other climates and extrapolate
how it's going to behave in the U.K. "
Personnel changes
John Bakker, a fixture of the
Michigan asparagus industry,
announced he was scaling back his
in a few roles.
In addition to
the main job as
executive director
of the Michigan
Advisory Board
(MAAB), Bakker
currently serves as
executive director
of the Michigan Carrot Committee,
executive secretary of Michigan
See ASPARAGUS, page 6

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