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Life STOR I E S L A K E S H O R E CO U NT Y CO LLE C T S O R A L H I STO R I E S O F R E S I D E NT S FO R A RC H I V E by Michele Coffill | photos by Bri Luginbill Everybody has a life story to tell. The elements of these stories vary, of course, yet they carry a similar theme of how family histories and decisions influence one's life. When a community's story is told, a theme of shared experiences among people who live there prevails. Residents in Oceana County, with help from Grand Valley's Kutsche Office of Local History, will tell the story of the county and its rich history as the state's top producer of 24 Summer '16 asparagus and tart cherries for an oral history archive. From business owners to large- and small-scale farmers to migrant and seasonal workers, agriculture touches nearly the entire population of 26,245. The county, on the shore of Lake Michigan, is also top-ranked for production of strawberries, apples and tomatoes. To frame the story, the Kutsche Office has partnered with the Oceana County Hispanic Center and the county's Historical and Genealogical Society. Trained

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