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FO C A L P O I N T WINTER REFLECTIONS As Michigan sees an end - we hope! - to another winter, two students write poems about their reflections of the season. They are partnered with snowflake photos by Amanda Pitts. 214 miles away, another introduction by Annabelle Miller My sister gave birth in a Chicago fall - I got the call in a Michigan winter: The first time I learned a different cold. 42 hours of labor later, I'm in an introduction to writing, then I'm not. I don't remember running out. Grey is falling when I stop the ringing and the clouds curve into a question, did she lose him again. Nobody responds. I'm on the brink of a river, ice clinging to the edge of cold, please let this stick. Finally, I hear the worst of it: they named him after Metallica. I think of space and names, something called home, whether it's here or there, the way a mother holds a child next to her pulse. Safety. Next to me, there's a blue bridge, tucked under a quilt of frosted squares. I brush my knuckles along the rails, expecting the familiar burn of lake chill, but the blankness has no weight. Just softness. 12 Winter '16

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Winter 2016 GVMagazine