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DON O R I M PAC T Corporate partners help advance university's mission E ach year, the brothers who own and operate DeWitt Barrels Inc. meet to choose which nonprofit organizations to support financially and with their time.  Among the criteria they consider, according to Peter DeWitt, is an organization or entity that will "leave something lasting and identifiable to our children and other generations." In 2006, Peter and his brothers, Michael and Tim, created and endowed a scholarship for Grand Valley students who are majoring in environmental science and natural resources management. It's a natural fit for the family-owned business that was established in Chicago in 1893. Michael said the DeWitt Barrels Environmental Science and Natural Resources Scholarship follows the company's philosophy of being an environmental leader. In 1999, DeWitt Barrels was designated a Clean Corporate Citizen by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. "We have a very good reputation in the state for being a safe place for drum disposal," Michael said. "The scholarship accentuates our commitment to the environment and to the generations that follow." DeWitt Barrels is one example of an area business establishing a relationship with Grand Valley in an effort to build a stronger workforce for Michigan. Shannon Wilson, director of corporate giving at Grand Valley, called the company an amazing partner. "DeWitt Barrels is a family-owned business and that's a cornerstone in the West Michigan business landscape," Wilson said. "Grand Valley was built on private/public partnerships." Wilson remarked that DeWitt Barrels and other corporate partners help Grand Valley meet its mission of increasing student access by offsetting costs. In addition to establishing scholarships, there are numerous other ways for corporate partners to engage with Grand Valley's resources, including having student project teams solve real-world issues, establishing an internship program, and obtaining entrepreneurial resources.  16 Winter '16 Casey VerStrate, '12, was the first DeWitt Barrels scholarship recipient. VerStrate was a dual major in economics and natural resources management. photo by Amanda Pitts

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