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completely idiotic. As far back as the sixties, American
companies created foreign subsidiaries to do business with
Cuba. The Cuban economist we met with told us that
right now there are about twenty bills in Congress to grant
additional exceptions to the embargo. He told us there have
been so many exceptions granted, that the embargo is being
"excepted' to the point of impotency. As he explained it, the
embargo is a block of cheese with so many exceptions that
the cheese now has more holes than cheese, itself.
We have had open relations with countries much worse
than Cuba, including China, totalitarian regimes throughout
the world, and, of course, our new and best friend Russia.
The people in Cuba have learned to work with handicaps
imposed on them through the embargo. If they have a car,
they drive American cars from the 1950s or junkers from
Russia. They live with less expectations and material needs,
but appear to be proud and content. Those Cubans, however,
who have been allowed to become business owners are
pursuing their dreams with vigor and excitement.
You can feel the transformation happening right before
your eyes. If you have the opportunity to go, I urge you to do
so as the Cuba I saw won't be around for much longer.
John J. Speicher, Esquire, is a shareholder with
Leisawitz Heller and a past president of the Berks
County Bar Association.

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