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votes themselves were not counted accurately. Less than
nine months later, Kristallnacht occurred on November
9. Viennese Jews, many of whom had prominent roles in
business, industry, and the arts, and lived in a cosmopolitan
city, were particularly hard hit and targeted by looting,
bombing, general destruction, and murder.
About the book's Introduction - I have never read
one that so succinctly summarizes the author's thesis and
findings. It contained just enough detail to support his
positions, and skillfully condenses the 747 pages of text that
follow. A reader in a hurry who is not skeptical of Ullrich's
conclusions could well stop there.
Considering the monstrous history of the first half
of the 20th century, a look at the contemporary situation
in Europe today reveals two ironies. The first is that
Germany, through the European Union and the Euro, has
accomplished its domination of virtually all of Europe,
something that it failed to do by force of arms twice in the
20th century, at the cost of scores of millions of lives. The

second is perhaps the greater of the two. To be called a Nazi has
almost lost all genuine meaning, and it is used in contemporary
politics as an epithet against anyone who is not a Marxist. Because
of its history, Germany is so sensitive to and intimidated by
reminders of the unspeakable atrocities committed by it against
Jews that the Germans seem to no longer possess the political
wherewithal to defend their own borders.
The Honorable Paul M. Yatron has served as Judge of the
Berks County Court of Common Pleas since January 2006
and as its President Judge since January 2013. As an avid
reader, he has a particular interest in espionage, mysteries
and biographies.

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