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Working with Compass Learning at Children's Home of Reading

juvenile delinquent is finally advancing at the correct
academic level. An abused woman, after receiving a
U-Visa, feels safe and secure for the first time.
Each can thank, in part, the Law Foundation of Berks
County and its benefactors. The juvenile delinquent and the
abused woman have both benefited from grants provided by the
Law Foundation to the Children's Home of Reading and the
Community Justice Project.
As its website points out, children placed at the Children's
Home have "serious mental
health and behavioral
challenges." They come,
having been, "abused,
neglected and afraid." They
also come at various levels
of academic achievement,
usually not at the level the
chronological age would
otherwise indicate.
The Foundation's grant
to the Children's Home
covers the licensing fee for

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Compass Learning, a software program that allows individual
students to learn at their individual level, whatever it may be.
Eric Sherman, a math teacher at the Home, explains that the
students "suffer from a lack of social skills but Compass Learning
does not require social skills. There is no need for interaction with
staff or other students for the student to succeed."
Thus, the software allows a student like Dakota "to be more
focused on learning." He finds it "a whole lot better than regular
school." One of his teachers, Ellen Achey, observed that Dakota
has made "a lot of gains and
growth" as a result of the
computer instruction, which,
for a 45-minute period,
includes a video lecture,
followed by questions and
then a test.
Mr. Sherman adds that,
by providing an immediate
response, "the students are
motivated and they enjoy it."
Seventeen-year-old Zion
has really excelled with the

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