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the glove didn't help then; didn't help now. With the help of
some time in the batting cages at Rip It, my hitting became less
embarrassing. Fortunately, my Medicare coverage was squared
away before the season began since I suffered a partially torn
Achilles tendon. Then, when that healed, my knee on the other
leg swelled to twice its size when I fell on it. I reacquainted
myself with Doctors Canner and Nord. It is now pretty much
back to normal.
Although my teammates and others in the league were
similarly afflicted with tears, strains and pulled muscles, the
group limped through the season and had a good time. We won
fewer games than we lost, but in the first round of the seasonending playoffs we beat the team seeded higher than we were.
Savoring the taste of that victory didn't last long, as we lost
the immediate next game to the team that ultimately won the
championship with a record of like 38-4 or thereabouts. And
that was with the 10-run rule being invoked. Once we got over
the sting of the 10-run rule being invoked to end the game, we
admitted that a good time was had by all. Back to my SABR
Bios and Moe Berg article.

John A. Goldstan
Since I retired from the practice of
law at the end of 2016, I have been a
busy man. I tutor several ESL students
at RACC and continue to tutor other
students in math and reading through the
Reading Berks Literacy Council. I took
a course offered by Alvernia University
on John Updike, a pottery course at
the Goggleworks and four woodworking courses also at the
Goggleworks. I volunteer monthly at three local food pantries
which are supplied primarily by the Greater Berks Food Bank.
I continue to play golf and tennis and work out regularly at
the gym. I am keeping a preretirement promise that I made
to myself to do more "pleasure reading," and my wife and I
have done some rewarding traveling, recently returning from
a wonderful trip to South Africa. At home I cut grass, trim
bushes, split firewood and swim when the weather permits.
Finally, I try to have lunch regularly with several lawyer friends
to keep abreast of the goings-on in the legal community. I
enjoyed practicing law for forty years, but I also enjoy this phase
of my life.

Stephen J. Gring
I officially retired 3 ½ years ago, which
was actually 3 months later than the
planned date. My wife and I had chosen
to live in a beach community where we
had a house for several years before it
became our home. As we were only
down for short periods of time up until
retirement, we had not had the time or
the opportunity to meet many people. Fortunately, once we had
officially moved in, one of our neighbors took us under their
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anyone who ever played in a major league baseball game as well
as in any All American Girls Professional Baseball League game
and place it on the SABR Bio Project Web site. Bios have been
done already for a number of the more prominent Berks County
players including Carl Furillo, Dick Gernert, Whitey Kurowski,
and Dom Dallesandro, as well as for several of the women from
Berks County who played in the AAGPBL, including Ruth
My focus has been on about a dozen Berks County players
who had the proverbial "cup of coffee" in the major leagues, as
well as one bio for a woman from the AAGPBL. Besides the
time spent researching online, I have been spending time in the
library at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, which is
always great to visit. Those are all in process.
Also, there was a large project for the Berks Historical
Review that I finally completed which was an article on the
"Battle of Leinbach's Hill." There was a movement in the 1920s
to have a new county courthouse built on the West Reading side
of the river, with that portion of West Reading to be annexed by
the city of Reading. The article in the last issue of The Barrister
regarding the problems confronted by the first groups of women
jurors was an offshoot of that project. There are a couple of other
projects I am doing for the Review, including an article on Moe
Berg's time with the 1925 Reading Keys. Also, with the news
that Johnny Bench is going to be the speaker at the December
Law Foundation event, my preparation on his background has
begun. In addition, I've undertaken to teach a business law
course over a 5 week period for Albright College. Preparation
for that has also begun. (Although I'm looking forward to the
challenge of the business law course, the Johnny Bench prep has
been more fun.)
Another retirement activity was to succumb to the
temptation of a sign that I drove past every day for a couple of
months about a Senior Softball League. I had not played any
softball since law school intramurals. But I figured it would be
interesting, plus it wasn't a lot of money to join. So I bit. It was a
league for men over 60 and women over 50, with doubleheaders
of 6-inning games being played Tuesday and Thursday mornings
at 10 AM. Gotta be retired for that. The league was designed to
avoid injury. No sliding. Two home plates - one for the runner
and one for the catcher to take the base, rather than the runner.
Plus there was a rule that if a team scored more than 5 runs in
an inning it would be over, except for the last inning-to avoid
too much of a lead being built up. Also, if a team was up by
more than 10 after 4 innings, they would automatically win. I
personally termed each of those last two rules as the "hospice
When the first practice was held a couple of people came
with two bats sticking out of their gym bag. It was then I
realized that there were a number of participants who did not
have 40-year gaps in their respective softball careers and were
pretty good. On my own account, aside from playing catch with
my daughter, which reminded me of my rotator cuff problems,
I had to restring my glove, as a number of the rawhide strings
had rotted and broken. Plus I rubbed it down with oil, bringing
back memories from when I was 14 years old and would do
that. Other memories from that time in my life came when
I began to play and dropped my first fly ball in a game, and I
remembered that indeed I was a lousy outfielder. The oiling of


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