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w w w . B E R K SB A R .o r g
Advanced Security Options. Under
Additional Security Options, you'll see
Passwordless Account. Select Turn on.
Finally, follow the on-screen prompts,
and then approve the notification from
your Authenticator app. Once you've
approved, you're done.
If you change your mind, you can
always you add a password back to your
Other companies
Other companies are joining this
trend, Google, Apple, and others are also
working toward less reliance on passwords.
Google Chrome lets you sign in without a
password, and Apple's iOS 15 and macOS
Monterey updates include a Passkeys in
iCloud Keychain feature, an attempt to
replace passwords with a more secure login
My thoughts
So what do I do? I have supplemented
my computer access with non-password
means using two-factor authenticators
such as Microsoft's Authenticator App
and Windows Hello (camera system)
in a controlled environment, but I still
use passwords for many of my accounts.
Rather than relying on my memory, I
utilize a password manager to help create
more secure passwords and manage the
passwords. No password manager is perfect,
but I highly recommend them over the
other techniques when we do have to
use passwords to minimize the risks and
inconvenience associated with passwords.
Some of the popular home and small
business password managers are LastPass,
Dashlane, 1Password, Keeper, Bitwarden,
and Norton.
Feel free to let me know your thoughts
and experiences about going passwordless
or password managers at JFranklin@
Spotlight on
New Members
David R. Dautrich, Jr., Associate Attorney
at David R. Dautrich, Esquire, PC, Reading
Practice areas: Criminal defense, civil rights violations,
estates, family law and personal injury.
Education: Earned a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice
at West Chester University and law degree at Widener
University Delaware Law School.
Previous jobs: Externship with the Honorable James
M. Lillis, Berks County Court of Common Pleas; legal
intern at Dautrich & Dautrich Law Offices; and private
Investigator at Egis International.
When David is not in the office you'll find him: At the
gym, hiking, traveling, or restoring his 1956 Chevy.
Favorite book: The Deeds of My Fathers: How My Grandfather and Father Built New
York and Created the Tabloid World of Today by Paul Pope. This book is a classic
American immigrant rags-to-riches true story written as a historical thriller.
Favorite Berks County Restaurant: Austin's Restaurant & Bar, West Lawn.
Family: Wife, Aryn, and four-month-old daughter, Elena. Also, two senior dogs:
Simba, a Pomeranian and Shadow, a Tibetan Spaniel along with two senior cats, Tiber
and Ezio.
One Last Thing: Member of the first graduating class at Berks Catholic High School.
David has traveled to 21 countries and aspires to visit all seven continents.
Alex V. Alfieri, Associate Attorney at
Rick Stock Law, Reading
Practice areas: Family law and general practice.
Education: Earned a bachelor's degree in Political Science
at Ursinus College and law degree at Widener University
Delaware School of Law.
Previous jobs: Certified legal intern in Berks and Bucks
County District Attorney's Offices; summer legal clerk to
Judge Linda K. Caracappa, Chief United States Magistrate
Judge for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania; and legal
intern at Webster Law in Doylestown, Bucks County.
When Alex is not in the office you'll find him: Spending
Jeffrey A. Franklin is a PastPresident
of the Berks County Bar
Association and an attorney with
Prince Law Offices.
weekends at the beach in Avalon, NJ or in the kitchen cooking.
Favorite Berks County Restaurant: A few current favorites are The Barley Mow and
the Beer Wall on Penn in West Reading.
Family: Partner, Benjamin and four-legged baby dog, Lloyd.
One Last Thing: A native of Bucks County, Alex has been residing in Berks County
for nearly two years. He is passionate about volunteer work, serving on the Board
of Directors at Mary's Shelter. He also serves on the board of his neighborhood
Homeowners' Association.
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