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Softball Trophy Returns to Court Street
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Mike Wieder lofted a deep sacrifice fly, scoring another.
Kriegman went quietly in the second and third innings. Berks
Bar threatened in the bottom of the second, putting two runners
in scoring position - but looking like Phillies in September,
a fielder's choice and two weak pop-ups ended any hope of
bringing a run home.
Still knotted at 2, Kriegman scored 3 runs in the top of the
fourth and took the lead. The Bar Association would score two in
the bottom of the inning (including another RBI from Wieder)
to keep things close.
Berks Bar finally took its first lead of the game in the fifth
Mike Wieder eyes a pitch.
inning. Kriegman had managed to score another run to start
the inning, but our heroic counselors scored 4 of their own after
Raymond Baker and Mike McWilliams got things going with
back-to-back doubles. Steve Frank drove in two with a timely
single to cap things off in the fifth.
The game started to feel as though it was getting away from
the Bar Association in the sixth as Kriegman would score 5
runs in the inning before committing a costly mental error
that prevented them from scoring at least another run. One of
Kriegman's sluggers lofted a fly ball down the right field line,
Baker charged in, but was unable to catch the ball - it bounced
off his glove and rolled into foul territory. Kriegman's first base
coach called " Fair Ball " and their runner sprinted home from
third, but the batter never left the box. Instead, he was walking in
a circle near home plate in apparent annoyance at not getting a
better swing on the ball. Baker threw the ball to second baseman
Kelsey Frankowski, who threw over to first baseman Ed Santer
for the force out at first, ending the inning and erasing a run
from the scoreboard.
Manager Jay Kurtz (left) and pitcher Jordan
Fegley chat between innings.
Kriegman's players erupted angrily at the call. They cried
foul that the ball was not foul. With emotions running high
and fingers being pointed, they threatened and bemoaned
the unfairness of the batter being called out. Although angry
with Berks Bar, they were ridiculously arguing with their own
manager who had been coaching first base and made the fair/
foul call. RBBSL rules require that the first and third base
coaches act as umpires for disputed calls.
The lesson here that every boy and girl learning to play
baseball or softball should learn is you always run out the play.
Had the batter even walked to first, the inning would have gone
on and Kriegman would have scored another run. The drawnout
argument over this call would ultimately doom any chance of
a Kriegman comeback.
Following the dispute, the Bar Association would only score
Jordan Fegley congratulates
Kelsey Frankowski
for her slick fielding at
second base.
Walt Frankowski cheered
on his daughter, Kelsey,
and supported the team
throughout the season.
26 | Berks Barrister
one run in the bottom of the sixth. Kriegman would add two
more to its tally in the top of the seventh to stake out a 13-9 lead
with the shadows growing longer and the sun quickly setting.
Leading off the bottom of the seventh, Baker ripped a hard
line-drive to left center field. By the time the ball was tracked
down, he was standing at third with a triple. He would cross
the plate a batter later when Santer singled. A few batters later,
lefty Nick Hoffman would step up to the plate and launch a ball
out of Brookline Park, across MacArthur Avenue, and into the
unknown. His three-run homer opened the floodgates.


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