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w w w . B E R K SB A R .o r g
By Susan N. Denaro, Esquire
n a recent muggy Saturday morning, my husband and I took a
maddening drive through the City of Reading, figuring it was
the most direct route to the Bad Biscuit Company (BBC) on
Columbia Avenue near Stony Creek Mills in Lower Alsace Township.
We did not anticipate having to weave around a surprisingly high
number of double-parked cars given the early hour and joked that we
should have sipped some coffee at home to prepare for all that zigging
and zagging.
Although the place was pretty packed, we were seated immediately
upon arrival and were enjoying our coffees a few minutes later. If you
like a red eye, which is regular coffee with a shot of espresso, BBC
uses Reading Roaster Coffee. The blend was spot on. I had a large cup
of Nitro coffee, which is served cold but not iced. It was frothy and
smooth. I decided right then the drink will be my standard go-to at
BBC regardless of the season.
Having previously studied the menu online, there was no doubt
what I wanted: the Bad Biscuit Club. The basic ingredients are a piece
of fried chicken served on a righteous buttermilk biscuit. But this is not
your basic chicken-biscuit breakfast sandwich. BBC then layered the
sandwich with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and dill pickles before topping it
off with a perfectly fried egg with a slightly thickened yolk, which was
still runny enough to baptize everything underneath. As if that was not
enough, the crowning glory to it all was the house-made " Bubba Sauce, "
which has the right heat level to make the sandwich sing on the palate.
Although I made sure to mop up every drop of that sauce, I completely
ignored the diced home fried potatoes that were served on the side
because the sandwich was so large and so filling.
Bad Biscuit Club: The
" Bubba Sauce " on the Bad
Biscuit Club makes the
plate sing and their Nitro
Coffee is fabulously frothy.
Bad Biscuit Company
16 Columbia Avenue
Reading PA 19606
28 | Berks Barrister
My husband ordered the Eggs Benedict, which was also served on
biscuits with potatoes on the side. The eggs were perfectly formed and
had a professional appearance, leading me to suspect that a mold was
used to help the eggs retain their shape in the poaching liquid. Although
John said he really enjoyed it, he ordered the biscuits and gravy on our
second visit a few days later and declared that he liked it just a tad more
than the Eggs Benedict despite wishing he had a bigger serving of the
gravy. I had the huevos rancheros with a side of biscuits that second
morning and they were an inventive version of another iconic breakfast
dish and worthy of a mention. I will order them again, but next time
may ask that the veggie patty be omitted as it didn't add anything
to the dish.


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